Tuesday, August 9, 2011

After Obama - Salmonella Laced Food Recalls Are No Longer The Fault Of Lax Federal Administration, Justifying The Overthrow Of The Top Executive

Cargill recalls 36 million pounds of ground turkey

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This post is ultimately not about the massive food recall from Cargil

Instead it is a request for everyone to shift their mindset back about 7 years and then replay the event of a massive food recall. (and news of a massive surge in US Troop deaths in the field of battle).

Of course these events were always countered by massive public outcry from the usual suspects who made the case that this is yet another transaction proving the INCOMPETENCE of the administration.

These are more "happy days".
A massive recall of tainted ground turkey.
A downed helicopter that kills 31 troops.

All of this is transacted by the news - just as they have always done.
The key issue is that the left wing relay agent that takes this news in and then spits out an INDICTMENT is purposely disabled.

The resulting news which covers the protests and the news analysts that posit their criticism merely made it seem that the bad news was greater then than it is now.

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