Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Series: How The JingOists Plan To Focus More On Hermain Cain - Who Has No Power And Never Held Office - Than On Obama - Commander In Chief Of The US Military

I warned everyone several weeks ago:

We will hear more criticism of Herman Cain - a Black man who has never held elective office (and never order the bombing or shooting of another man of color) than these same forces of JingOism will be inclined to inspect Obama - the man who they invested their HOPES for CHANGE in - back in 2008

The Grio - Is Herman Cain The Real Life Uncle Rukus?

It is clear that the 'JingOists Who are Black" have no real interests in the problems within the Black Community.   As mush as it is the case that the machine that Obama sits atop of dominates :
  • Every School System
  • Every Business District Within Mission Accomplished Cities
the choice to look past this fact in order to PROTECT the establishment power - also must be accepted as a sign of approval of the present condition.

They say that Herman Cain is an embarrassment to Black people.
I argue that whom ever is running the schools and economic policies deserve this honor.

The JingOists are brought to a state of masturbation as they abstract themselves from the realities on the streets and find a target of attack who has no finger prints on the carnage that they grieve over.

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