Friday, July 1, 2011

Barack Obama's Junk As A Politicial Metaphor And Those Who Are Riding It

Quite strange that certain people are recalling how former MSNBC host Don Imus was eventually able to land on his feet after his indiscretion and were heard saying on the radio "What Mark Halperin said was totally out of line.   What else could it be that this President is disrespected as he is?   Halperin should not only be suspended but should be fired and not receive another job on television".   (This is a paraphrased quote heard on a nationally syndicated "Fight The Power" radio show.)

How does permanent ban square with this particular person's support for "Felon Reentry Programs" so that their misdeeds of the past do not follow them around for the rest of their life after they have "served their time"?

Jesse Jackson SrMark Halperin
"I want to cut his nuts off for talking down to Black people" "The President was being a dick"

In my assessment - as we contrast the present state of affairs in the economy and our condition of war with the blatant vicarious living through Obama that some people express as they obfuscate as much as they possibly can - this song from "The Boondocks" proves to be insightful when it comes to those who have affinity for Obama's Junk.

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