Friday, July 29, 2011

Being "Obama's Girl" On The War Authorization Vote Proves Profitable For Donna Edwards (D-MD)

My how time flies and situations do change.

In the Maryland 4th District it appears that one should be in tune with what the "D+31" block of voters want you to do if you seek to retain your seat.

In the "Age Of Obama" this means, putting aside what (we all believed were) your strong ideological convictions for "Peace and Justice" and instead fall in with the "Minority Whip" in support of "Your President".

The tale of Rep Albert Wynn (D-MD) versus Donna Edwards (D-MD).
The Bio

Albert Wynn (D-MD) 

Donna Edwards (D-MD
War Powers Vote In the Post-9/11 Congress - Rep Wynn made the mistake of believing that the call for "national unity" against our common enemies would carry into the 4th district.  Wynn authorized President George W Bush to use force in the nation of Afghanistan.   From this action his long time challenger Donna Edwards labeled him "Bush's Boy" in her campaigns to unseat him by hitting him from the hard left. In 2011 as Commander In Chief Obama initated the NATO war upon the African nation of Libya - when the question of support for the military action by supplying the money came up - Rep Donna Edwards put aside any pretenses of being "anti-war" and instead chose to support the violent military action because Obama told her that it was a "Humanitarian Mission".  
The Economic Impact Upon The Black Community The Edwards campaign accused Wynn of being too cozy with corporations as he used his influence to attract "big box stores" into Prince Georges County MD.

(Keep in mind folks - that if Home Depot and others did not come into the county - Edwards would have likely been leading the charge claims that these firms had a "No Urban Mandate".  This proves that there is a great disconnect between various leftist initiatives)
Donna Edwards marched in a rally in support of rights for illegal immigrants.  She had nothing to worry about in explaining any impact suffered by Black people seeking employment and having more individuals to compete with.  Perceived "Discrimination" trumps economic interests for many Black Progressives.

(I was looking for her march in support of illegal alien labor but she moved it off of her old campaign web site)

Hummmm.  I wonder what peace activist Danny Glover thinks about the NATO war on Libya?

Gaza Is Not Equal To Libya

Donna Edwards, the newly elected, netroots-supported Democratic Congresswoman from Maryland, who removed the standard establishment Democratic incumbent Al Wynn from office this year, has the following to say about Israel/Gaza:
I am deeply disturbed by this week's escalation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip, as I have been by the ongoing rocket fire into southern Israel. To support Israel and to ease the humanitarian crisis facing the people of Gaza, the United States must work actively for an immediate ceasefire that ends the violence, stops the rockets, and removes the blockade of Gaza.
That's much further than most national Democrats have been willing to go.  And it illustrates that primary challenges can -- slowly but meaningfully -- change the face of the Democratic Party.

Anti-Obama Sign Rankles Some

Anti-Obama sign owner: I want people to think

The best defense for this guy is to get a flat screen television and post radio host Tom Joyners' message to Black people that we should vote to reelect Commander In Chief Obama for the purposes of "Black Pride" (he is really talking about "Progressive Pride" but you have to allow for his fusion of these two concepts)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Obama -- Man Of War

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Obama's Revolutionary War - The Use Of Drones To Fight Many-Mini Wars

NPR's OnPoint examines "The Drone Wars"

Audio Link to Story

Is it a war if there are no "Boots On The Ground" and no "Anti-War Protests"?
America is now using drones to bomb:
  1. Libya
  2. Somalia
  3. Yemen
  4. Pakistan
  5. Afghanistan
  6. Iraq 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hussein Onyango Obama Should Fear Not Being Portrayed As A "Prescott Bush" Despite His Abusive Ways

NPR: President Obama's Father: A 'Bold And Reckless Life'

Barack Obama Sr, father of Commander In Chief Barack Obama Jr, suffered greatly at the hands of his own father Hussein Onyango Obama.

Even though many of the reports about Hussein Onyango Obama detail his time spent imprisoned by the colonial British government in Kenya - it appears that the elder Obama had done his fair share of oppression of his own wife and children.  

In 1949, Onyango spent at least 6 months in Kamiti Prison. He was probably tried in a magistrates’ court on charges of political sedition or membership of a banned organisation, but the records do not survive, because all such documentation was routinely destroyed in British colonies after six years. He was violently tortured to extract information about the growing insurgency.[64] In his memoir, President Obama described his grandfather's shocking physical state: "When he returned to Alego he was very thin and dirty. He had difficulty walking, and his head was full of lice." For some time, he was too traumatized to speak about his experiences. His wife told his grandson: "From that day on, I saw that he was now an old man."[62] Onyango was permanently scarred, remaining in pain and requiring assistance moving until his death. Although previously working very closely with British colonists, his torture left Onyango bitterly anti-British. During a Sky News interview in 2009, Barack Obama was asked if this negatively affected his view of the British personally and he replied that it did not. "I love the Brits and I think I have shown that affection every time I have visited there. The notion that I would somehow judge countries based on what happened 100 years ago would not make much sense."[65]

Absent the goal of INDICTING a target - none of the usual suspects will listen to this audio report and seek to impugn the present occupant of the White House based on the patterns of his family.

As for me - I wish that Commander In Chief Obama did have more connectivity with the people of Africa, more than the "Birthers" allege that he has. If this were the case he would not be commanding the US Military forces to reign violence down upon Libya and Somalia, instead he would be providing them with real humanitarian aid.

If Hussein Obama loathed the actions of the imperialists of the past - why would his grandson execute upon the same violation of the Motherland?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Series: How The JingOists Plan To Focus More On Hermain Cain - Who Has No Power And Never Held Office - Than On Obama - Commander In Chief Of The US Military

I warned everyone several weeks ago:

We will hear more criticism of Herman Cain - a Black man who has never held elective office (and never order the bombing or shooting of another man of color) than these same forces of JingOism will be inclined to inspect Obama - the man who they invested their HOPES for CHANGE in - back in 2008

The Grio - Is Herman Cain The Real Life Uncle Rukus?

It is clear that the 'JingOists Who are Black" have no real interests in the problems within the Black Community.   As mush as it is the case that the machine that Obama sits atop of dominates :
  • Every School System
  • Every Business District Within Mission Accomplished Cities
the choice to look past this fact in order to PROTECT the establishment power - also must be accepted as a sign of approval of the present condition.

They say that Herman Cain is an embarrassment to Black people.
I argue that whom ever is running the schools and economic policies deserve this honor.

The JingOists are brought to a state of masturbation as they abstract themselves from the realities on the streets and find a target of attack who has no finger prints on the carnage that they grieve over.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Barack Obama's Junk As A Politicial Metaphor And Those Who Are Riding It

Quite strange that certain people are recalling how former MSNBC host Don Imus was eventually able to land on his feet after his indiscretion and were heard saying on the radio "What Mark Halperin said was totally out of line.   What else could it be that this President is disrespected as he is?   Halperin should not only be suspended but should be fired and not receive another job on television".   (This is a paraphrased quote heard on a nationally syndicated "Fight The Power" radio show.)

How does permanent ban square with this particular person's support for "Felon Reentry Programs" so that their misdeeds of the past do not follow them around for the rest of their life after they have "served their time"?

Jesse Jackson SrMark Halperin
"I want to cut his nuts off for talking down to Black people" "The President was being a dick"

In my assessment - as we contrast the present state of affairs in the economy and our condition of war with the blatant vicarious living through Obama that some people express as they obfuscate as much as they possibly can - this song from "The Boondocks" proves to be insightful when it comes to those who have affinity for Obama's Junk.