Monday, June 13, 2011

What Is The Difference Between These Two "Dunce" Pictures?

The picture with Obama is RACIST because:

  1. His Dunce Cap is black - thus hinting at the notion that all Black people are stupid
  2. The author showed his racist contempt for Obama in that he used an actual picture of Obama and then put a cap on him.  With bush he merely inserted the face of Bush on another individual who already had the wrinkled shirt and a dunce cap on.   These Tea Party racists wills top at nothing to malign Obama because he is Black
  3. The background in the Bush picture is dark - meaning that although it was likely a White person who doesn't like Bush who Photoshopped the picture - Bush is merely "one foolish White man" in a sea of darker people who are foolish.

(Hey folks - if THEY can make up indictments about racism so can I)

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