Monday, June 6, 2011

Ted Rall - The Rise Of The Obamabots


I am on record.
The two people who I have called out wrongly as they did indeed keep the President's feet to the fire after the presidential transition are:
  • Ted Rall 
  • Lou Dobbs

Cartoonist Ted Rall is still a lefty.  However he is an UNBOUND Progressive.   This allows him to be more transparent - attacking Obama for violating the principles of Progressive-Fundamentalism just as he had attacked any non-progressive for doing so

I do not have to agree with Ted Rall to compliment him and distinguish him from:

  • Crooks & Liars
  • Huff Po
  • DailyKOS
all of whom showed that the ideology and party of the president mean more than the consistent actions of the president which violate their principles.  In this case they choose to alter their threshold.

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