Friday, June 10, 2011

The JingOists Are Offended By Lupe Fiasco's Comments But Never Refute His Claims - They Refute Him

The Lupe Fiasco's "Obama's A Terrorist Talk" Lacked Rhyme Or Reason
The Star: Touring The Carnage After NATO Bombing Attack On Libya
LA Times: Apparent NATO bombing of Kadafi rural retreat raises questions

These are indeed tough days for the "Progressive-Fundamentalist Purists".
To realize that with Commander In Chief Obama in office their arsenal of indictments against "The Power" that they are used to "Speaking Truth To" must be put on forbearance.   This is because more damage to progressivism would be had by speaking "Progressive Truth" against Obama and thus hurting his poll numbers - increasing the possibility that Sarah Palin will be the next occupant of the White House.

With this conundrum in mind, the Progressive-Fundamentalist JingOists have been forced to "eat their own", violently attacking anyone who stands within their midst and dares to hold the bombs and drones operated by Commander In Chief Obama.

Ironically - the past, rather clumsy attacks on "enemy Presidents" were understood for the essence of the message that was being conveyed.   In the present, however, there is a heavy dose of "English Lessons" being provided to Fiasco and Prof West - as the JingOists are unable to get past the assault upon Commander In Chief Obama's character by the "Progressive Wiffle Ball Bats" used by theirdissident progressive friends.

An "English Lesson" is something that I am very familiar with.  When one can't attack the content of the message they copy the words into Microsoft Word, press F7 and begin to do spelling and grammar checks on the written word in order to pick it apart.

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