Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Be Folled. The Progressive-Fundamentalist "Netroots Nation" Merely Wants To Use Obama To Achieve Their Hard Left Agenda

HuffPo - Progressives Break Up With Obama

The message to those in the room for "What to Do When the President is Just Not that Into You," a Netroots Nation panel, was be more demanding, don't take no for an answer and compromises aren't good enough.

The ideological and culture wars in this nation are at a fever pitch.  They are only going to get more acute.

With Progressive-Fundamentalists arguing that their position IS the position of "Justice" and "Morality" they would like us all to believe that President Obama's "I Can Only Give You Want I Can Get Through The Process" stance is a slap in their face.

  • Gay Marriage
  • Erosion Of Immigration Control Laws

"I would probably vote for the president in the end, but I'd also do everything that I can to shame him," said Aravosis, who writes about gay rights issues. "But I don't think they realize how damaging that is." 
 This is all that we need to know to understand the real deal.

They are the "Tea Party" without being called "bigots" for their hatred.  Left-wingers' "Hatred" is not "hatred" because they have a "secondary hatred" that is triggered by the "organic hatred" from the Right-wing.  At least this is what they want us all to believe.

I don't trust that President Obama won't negotiate away his CORE BELIEFS if it would allow him to win an election.  The very same attributes that gets Herman Cain called an "intolerant bigot" are the very same attributes that makes President Obama a threat to anyone seeking to sustain a FUNCTIONAL CULTURE within this nation where the scheme called "Social Justice Rights" are not put above the need to have a society that can achieve certain ends by maintaining such a culture that guides it in such a way.

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