Monday, June 6, 2011

Appraising Rather Than Praising Obama - Reviewing The 2008 Promises Made By Obama - Doing What The "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" Won't Do

The 2008 Democratic Platform - Renewing America's Promise

Mark this as the kick off of my review of where we as a nation (and a people) stand as compared to what we chose to paint upon the "Blank Canvas" that we were handed in 2008 to express our dreams.

Keep in mind - that absent some identification of greater values to attach your own appraisal to - we merely have a "transaction debate" - a "pissing contest" if you will.

For me - the primary point of appraisal is:  "Does a people who are exposed to a certain process and platform show evidence of ORGANIC INCREASE after having been bathed their hope and consciousness in such a plan for their uplift?"

I have to accept that some people value being "in receipt of" the state of a guaranteed standard of living as part of societal social justice.  

For me I believe that it is ultimately "mutually exclusive" to expect to live at a higher standard of living than what the resident competencies within your community can lift you.  The very institutions that you have struggled to take control over - FAILING - to hone the people that they treat into the professional service agents that the community needs for its uplift.

2008 Democratic Party Platform: "Renewing America's Promise"

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