Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rebranding - "The JingOism Journal"

After Obama:  
Spike Lee said the USA will be seen from the perspective of “Before Obama and After Obama”.  This blog is necessary to hold the various conspiracy theories that exist where the US Government is viewed as the force of evil around the world up to scrutiny against the fact that now there is a president in office who is loved by the left and thus should be working to "Make the American Government Law Abiding" once again...or if the theories are just bitter words crafted by partisan hacks.

The JingOism JournalJingOism = The setting aside of all of one's progressive values regarding the limits upon American emperialist actions globally and one's willingness to "Speak Truth To Power" with respect to the present economic and employment struggles suffered by "The Least Of These" for no other reason than the assumption that if the progressive base does make these demands of Commander In Chief Obama this criticism might strengthen his ideological enemies thus they logically justify the compromise of their own ideology.

Now that the proforma views mentioned by Spike Lee has run its course, the real world events making them unfulfillable I have decided to update this blog and its branding accordingly. 

I am not interested in looking at Obama as I am LOOKING AT YOU.

Spike Lee was correct with regards to a new interval of time having been entered into.  The point that he missed is that this time period would also be known as the "GREAT EXPOSE` ", where many believes that were assumed about "The Least Of These" are stripped bare, their real sentiments being exposed based on what they are willing to COMPROMISE out of the foundational issues that were once thought to be an intractable part of their soul and consciousness.

In truth what we see that that their PROTECTION of their PERMANENT FRIENDS are far more important than the attainment of their PERMANENT INTERESTS.

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