Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Obama Campaign Kicks Off Its Coalition Building In Philadelphia

If you live in the city of Philadelphia.  One of the most Democratic dominated cities in the nation, yet after a countless number of Democratic mayors, a monopoly control of the City Council yet control of the state house, senate and governor's office that vacillates over time - what is the strongest campaign slogan that you as an Obama support provide to get the vote out for Obama in 2012?

Campaign launches herculean effort to reach every voter it was in contact with in 2008

Clearly with:

  • A large city deficit
  • Looming public services union layoffs
  • A public school that is in need of massive reforms
  • A level of violence that is on the uptick in the city
  • ..........all of these same points being replicated in other "Mission Accomplished Cities"...
..............you cannot ask your fan base to run on the RECORD of the President or the local machine members.

It is imperative that you RUN AGAINST THE OTHER GUY.

Once the GOP identifies who that "other guy" - the "Organizing For America" won't have to put forth an imaginary Republican to run against.  Now they can only set artificially low "Change Points" that have been "accomplished" and pat Obama on the back for them.

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