Sunday, May 8, 2011

"If Obama Fails All Black People Fail" - A Permutation Of The "Obama Is Smarter Than You And Me" Inferiorization Technique

I have reported previously about the tactics used by the jingOists....... (jingOists are those who enforce loyalty to President Barack Obama for no other reason than their desire to have their IDEOLOGY advanced and they see him as a worthy ball carrier).

Many of them can be seen attesting to Obama's superior intellect that far surpasses themselves and their debate adversary.   I note, again, the main reason why they inferiorize themselves is because as their ideological adversary yields that Obama is more intelligent than the both of them - the Progressive-Fundamentalist who orchestrated the transaction of inferiority gets what she wants - the PROMOTION of Obama's Progressive Viewpoint and the negation of a critique.

As I read various chatter on the "Black Blogger Understudy" boards there is another tactic that has resurfaced - As Obama Goes So Does The Credibility Of Black People & Black Political Leaders.

Those who sell this notion - IRONICALLY use the presence of external racism against BLACK PEOPLE to compel BLACK PEOPLE to act in WHAT IS SOLD AS a "racially cohesive manner" but, again, is merely a rouse to advance Obama and his associated progressivism.

Now keep in mind that despite the fact that Rep Allen West, Rep Tim Scott and Justice Clarence Thomas are Black men - there was no movement which said "As They Go So Goes The Black Community".  Instead they violate the tenants of PROGRESSIVISM and thus they are expelled from protective cover and are now "Free Range Blacks" - open for the attacks by White Liberal Snarling Fox Bigots.

The truth is that when Whites see Blacks LOOK PAST the present high unemployment numbers, the crash and burn of various "Mission Accomplished Cities" that had been sites of previous political victories by Progressives and Labor - the sight of the DOGGED PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM, in which they TRY HARDER at the same thing and always OBFUSCATE BLAME upon external forces - if the SIGHT that does more to undercut the credibility of the Black Community's political character than anything that President Obama can do.

The ironic point is that if President Obama is not treated like all other Presidents - with a loyal base and a loyal opposition - then the political expedient claim that his enemies are all motivated by RACISM is certainly a concern for future disqualification IF THE RESULTS UPON THE NATION are distinctly different than the REGARD that his base has for him.

Here is a response posted on the 'Conservative Black Woman' blog in which a jingOist tells us Black folks to stick together BEHIND OBAMA because as he goes so goes Black America.

It's a shame that we have so many black people criticizing a black person who is trying to do positive things. Please don't start saying race doesn't matter and I'll vote and think w/o race in mind, because at the end of the day this affects you and your children. It is disadvantageous for you as a black woman not consider race, because at the end of the day most people will consider race when they consider you.

How the black community reacts to Pres.Barack Obama affects how much the larger community feels they can REVEAL about how they feel about Obama. It would be nice to live in a world where blacks could be differentiated, but that is sadly not the case, and the success of this presidency has implications for the obstacles faced in front of blacks in the generations to come.

People complain, but overall if you were to list everything he has done over these few years you would see a very massive list with practically everything he had promised to do. Don't project your hate and issues with black men and women on our president. Get over your daddy issues see things objectively.

I suspect that you are one of those blacks that felt they never meshed with blacks around them. And you've decided to mesh with a group of whites within an ideology that uses you as little more than a tool and a puppet, that would have little use for you if we didn't have a black president or you were no longer willing to stick to the script(i.e. Michael Steele). Whites love a good black-on-black squabble, and you are really pleasing them right now."

The leadership of Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and Atlanta operated with the "greatest of intentions" for Black folks as well. Look at the "Least Of These People" now.

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