Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Decider In Chief" Decides That Photos Of Shooting Of An Unarmed Terrorist Will Put US Troops At Risk - The Usual Suspects Are In Silent, Complicit Agreement This Time

As I watched the news cycle from yesterday as the nation debated if the postmortem pictures of Osama Bin Laden should be released I heard eerie talking points about how the release of such pictures would cause violence in Muslim nations and put American troops at risk.

The key difference from when these points were made during "Abu Gharab", "Camp Gitmo" and "Andrews Air Force Base" where the caskets of US troops killed in battle reach state-side is that this time Liberal Democrats were making this argument in support of Obama's decision to withhold the pictures.

The best way to understand why it is rather unlikely that we will see a lawsuit from the ACLU or other leftwing operative groups on this matter in which an unarmed man - regardless of how much a megalomaniac he is - is shot in the face by US forces who entered a sovereign nation without the permission of the government to carry out their mission is because they KNOW their limits. Sentiment among their left-wing base is the key factor.

  1. They realize that Obama Bin Laden is a popular villain in America
  2. They realize that there is a "Progressive Friend" in the White House and thus are not intent on taking him down as they were with his immediate predecessor. 

With the combination of these two facts - the RESOLVE that they bravely cleaved to which said "EVERY MAN deserves JUSTICE, and DUE PROCESS, regardless of the evil things that he is ACCUSED of doing, therefore we don't stand in defense of Terrorists -w e stand in support of due process" - these words are going to be shown to be mere talking point.

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