Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Obama Reaching $1B In Campaign Funding Will Likely Be Seen As Proof Of His Might Rather Than An Abandonment Of Their Previous Support For Publicly Funded Campaigns

David Love: The Grio - Can Obama Become The $1 Billion Man?

They can't help themselves.

What some people mistook as a 'core value' turned out to be a passing notion as they attempted to curtail an advantage that their adversaries had.


  • "Get money out of politics"
  • "Our government is for sale"
  • "Monied interests have too much influence"
These were all of the rants that were heard in a time period known as "B.O." - Before Obama

Today - the thought of another set of "Obama carpetbombing commercials" to prevent the "Tea Party" from taking over the White House seems compelling enough to put what was thought to be a cornerstone of THEIR "democracy movement" into abeyance for just one more election cycle.

When they are at a disadvantage - the Constitution must be changed, purging the nation of that vestige of "States Rights" known as "The Electoral College" as it suppresses the notion of "one man one vote".  

Let them enter the next battle with the prospects of a war chest almost the size of this years anticipated federal deficit and purged will be the commentary about "the Electoral College", "public campaign financing".  Nary will be the reference as to how this $1,000,000,000 in campaign contributions COULD HAVE been used to pay taxes so that the money taken from social programs by the House Republicans who twisted the arm of the progressive President could be restored to its rightful owner. 

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