Monday, April 4, 2011

Eye On Cynthia: The Joint Presidency Of Barack Obama And The Tea Party

Cynthia Tucker: April 3 - We can’t afford to help Americans, but we can help Libyans

Here is the constraint that "Obama Pom Pom Girl" Cynthia Tucker faced as she crafted her latest article which talked about the US bombing of the sovereign African nation of Libya.

She realized that she would need to criticize the "Commander In Chief" - the only person in the American government with the POWER to "green light" the bombing missions.   Yet she is loathed to criticize a person who is so vital in the delivery of her progressive-fundamentalist agenda.

Let us analyze the construction of Ms Tucker's article to see how she got past her confinements.

  • The first reference to the "Commander In Chief" who ordered the bombing of Libya doesn't appear until the 4th paragraph of the article.
    • This affords Ms Tucker a few paragraphs to setup her argument against the bombing based on COSTS, and bring in the Tea Party members of the US Congress as the guilty party with their finger on the joystick - along with President Obama
  • "But given the current mindset in Congress"  - with this line that appears in the third paragraph of the article, Ms Tucker gives a hint as to WHO she really would like to talk about.  Let's be clear, Ms Tucker - it is not just the "Congress" you want to talk about the House Republicans in the Congress.
    • Why didn't you say "With Obama KNOWING the mindset in the Congress - why would he initiate a third war that is surely going to cost us several billions?"
  • "Last week, President Barack Obama laid out a reasonable case"  & " I get it: it was an emergency."  .   Actually, Ms Tucker you conflate the state of "Emergency" with the justification for the focus on THIS "Emergency".  There is no lack of issues around the world that are greater "emergencies" and which has caused more loss of life (See "Ivory Coast" and "The Congo"
  • "I’ve been waiting for the newly-empowered, tea party-supported cadre of House Republicans to squawk about money spent in Libya, but they, too, have been quiet." - Ms Tucker is frothing in her desire to indict the Tea Party Cadre when, again THEY HAD NO SAY in the firing of any missle
    • Ironically for Ms Tucker - the thought that the Tea Party cadre are hypocrites as they demand domestic budget cuts but support war is a more POWERFUL notion than the thought that President Obama is against domestic budget cuts but has initiated a third war in this volatile section of the world, despite being a critic of such wars.
  • "And then there’s Obama himself. He drew Gadhafi a line in the sand, but he has so far refused to be as forceful with Republicans, who insist on cutting domestic spending before the economy has fully recovered. Indeed, many economists say GOP-favored cuts will end up eliminating jobs. "  I believe that Ms Tucker believes that the Republicans are a greater threat to America than are the people in the Middle East who have indicated as much.  
    • Cynthia Tucker is LIVING VICARIOUSLY THOUGH the eyes of Obama.  She is never going to report on any negative impacts of his policies.  Instead she will ways make the case that he is not fighting hard enough against their common enemies - the Republicans. 

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