Friday, April 22, 2011

Responses To American Drones Bombing Foreign Lands

Nation Pictorial Evidence Of Response

"Why Can't We Stone American Terrorism?"  "Why Are We So Hopeless?"

Stay Tuned.  The Drones Are Being Sent That Way After Approval For Unmanned Bombing By The Commander In Chief On Wednesday.  They Are Still Drawing The Target Map
United States Of America
(War Is Not The Answer People)

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to U.S. President Barack Obama "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."
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How The Left "Disrespects" A Favorable President

Wikileaks Bradley Manning Supporter Interrupts The President

A left-wing version of "You Lie" BUT this heckler:

  1. Won't be called a "racist"
  2. Said he'd vote for Obama in 2012 and this is all that matters.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Does The Most Protected Black Man In The World NEED Your Protection?

Commander In Chief Obama Authorizes The Use Of Preditor Drones In Africa

Obama OKs use of Predator drones in Libya

From The Story
The United States is starting to use armed Predator drones in Libya to target Moammar Gadhafi's forces after President Barack Obama approved their use, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday.

The unmanned aircraft, already used to target militants along Pakistan's border with Afghanistan, will allow for more precise attacks against Gadhafi's forces, Gates told a news conference.

"He (Obama) has approved the use of armed Predators," Gates said in Washington.

Libyan government troops pounded the besieged rebel-held city of Misrata, undeterred by Western threats to step up military action against Gadhafi's forces.

 NOTE: Per this graphic - the sovereign government of Libya is "ATTACKING" within their own land but the UK, France and USA are "LIBERATING" people who would otherwise be subject to massacre - ignore their assault rifles and rocket launchers on the back of their trucks.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Obama Acting As Commander In Chief Of The US Military Severs His HOPE With The Left-Wing Anti-Imperialists

Cornel West and Father Pfleger on how President Obama lost his Progressive-Fundamentalist groove.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Black Agenda Report's Assessment Of Obama

Though I can't relate to their ideological solutions I have to give credit to the "Black Agenda Report" for showing a high measure of independence from the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party Machine that so many of their progressive brothers are ensconced within.  I know that ultimately they merely want Obama to be a harder left progressive.  At least they show more commitment to their ideological foundations than do many others who are strictly partisans.

Blaming The President For The Price Of Gasoline - Thank You For Video Tape

The best part about having an "Enemy President" and a "Favorable President" serve contiguously is that there is an abundant amount of source material to go back to in order to capture the past views of those who are strangely silent today.

We see that despite having these sentiments - they are not willing to impale the present favorable guy with these views.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Obama Reaching $1B In Campaign Funding Will Likely Be Seen As Proof Of His Might Rather Than An Abandonment Of Their Previous Support For Publicly Funded Campaigns

David Love: The Grio - Can Obama Become The $1 Billion Man?

They can't help themselves.

What some people mistook as a 'core value' turned out to be a passing notion as they attempted to curtail an advantage that their adversaries had.


  • "Get money out of politics"
  • "Our government is for sale"
  • "Monied interests have too much influence"
These were all of the rants that were heard in a time period known as "B.O." - Before Obama

Today - the thought of another set of "Obama carpetbombing commercials" to prevent the "Tea Party" from taking over the White House seems compelling enough to put what was thought to be a cornerstone of THEIR "democracy movement" into abeyance for just one more election cycle.

When they are at a disadvantage - the Constitution must be changed, purging the nation of that vestige of "States Rights" known as "The Electoral College" as it suppresses the notion of "one man one vote".  

Let them enter the next battle with the prospects of a war chest almost the size of this years anticipated federal deficit and purged will be the commentary about "the Electoral College", "public campaign financing".  Nary will be the reference as to how this $1,000,000,000 in campaign contributions COULD HAVE been used to pay taxes so that the money taken from social programs by the House Republicans who twisted the arm of the progressive President could be restored to its rightful owner. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Re-Elect Obama 2012 - "Let Me Make You Feel Happy Again By Helping Me To Defeat The Tea Party"


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Eye On Cynthia: The Joint Presidency Of Barack Obama And The Tea Party

Cynthia Tucker: April 3 - We can’t afford to help Americans, but we can help Libyans

Here is the constraint that "Obama Pom Pom Girl" Cynthia Tucker faced as she crafted her latest article which talked about the US bombing of the sovereign African nation of Libya.

She realized that she would need to criticize the "Commander In Chief" - the only person in the American government with the POWER to "green light" the bombing missions.   Yet she is loathed to criticize a person who is so vital in the delivery of her progressive-fundamentalist agenda.

Let us analyze the construction of Ms Tucker's article to see how she got past her confinements.

  • The first reference to the "Commander In Chief" who ordered the bombing of Libya doesn't appear until the 4th paragraph of the article.
    • This affords Ms Tucker a few paragraphs to setup her argument against the bombing based on COSTS, and bring in the Tea Party members of the US Congress as the guilty party with their finger on the joystick - along with President Obama
  • "But given the current mindset in Congress"  - with this line that appears in the third paragraph of the article, Ms Tucker gives a hint as to WHO she really would like to talk about.  Let's be clear, Ms Tucker - it is not just the "Congress" you want to talk about the House Republicans in the Congress.
    • Why didn't you say "With Obama KNOWING the mindset in the Congress - why would he initiate a third war that is surely going to cost us several billions?"
  • "Last week, President Barack Obama laid out a reasonable case"  & " I get it: it was an emergency."  .   Actually, Ms Tucker you conflate the state of "Emergency" with the justification for the focus on THIS "Emergency".  There is no lack of issues around the world that are greater "emergencies" and which has caused more loss of life (See "Ivory Coast" and "The Congo"
  • "I’ve been waiting for the newly-empowered, tea party-supported cadre of House Republicans to squawk about money spent in Libya, but they, too, have been quiet." - Ms Tucker is frothing in her desire to indict the Tea Party Cadre when, again THEY HAD NO SAY in the firing of any missle
    • Ironically for Ms Tucker - the thought that the Tea Party cadre are hypocrites as they demand domestic budget cuts but support war is a more POWERFUL notion than the thought that President Obama is against domestic budget cuts but has initiated a third war in this volatile section of the world, despite being a critic of such wars.
  • "And then there’s Obama himself. He drew Gadhafi a line in the sand, but he has so far refused to be as forceful with Republicans, who insist on cutting domestic spending before the economy has fully recovered. Indeed, many economists say GOP-favored cuts will end up eliminating jobs. "  I believe that Ms Tucker believes that the Republicans are a greater threat to America than are the people in the Middle East who have indicated as much.  
    • Cynthia Tucker is LIVING VICARIOUSLY THOUGH the eyes of Obama.  She is never going to report on any negative impacts of his policies.  Instead she will ways make the case that he is not fighting hard enough against their common enemies - the Republicans.