Wednesday, March 16, 2011

They Can't Accept That A Black Man Is President

"They Can't Accept That A Black Man Is President".

This phrase is usually intended for a White right winger who dislikes President Obama - mostly because of his race.   In their bigotry they are unable to "accept that a Black man has the power of the presidency".  This is usually shown by their contempt and disrespect for him.

Few of the people who quickly throw out this claim are willing to venture that this same notion might be detectable amongst those of their own ideology.

If the right wing shows a belittling of Obama by their overt actions then it is also true that the Progressive-Fundamentalists who target "the House Republicans" far beyond the point of rationality are also belittling the power of the President Of The United States.

Case Study - The Bev Smith Show

Tonight on the "Bev Smith Show" she had a guest named Dr Marvin Herndon.  Dr Herndon is a trained physicist and was invited as a guest to focus on the nuclear emergency in Japan.

Dr Herndon as a scientist played "the straight man".  I did not hear him compromise his integrity in order to fit into the obvious theme and scheme of the show.

With Bev Smith - her agenda was clear:

  1. The House Republicans and John Boehner are "voting against the people" as they plan to take money away from poor people and use it to build nuclear power plants
  2. The Corporations (Nuclear/ Electricity / Coal / Oil Companies) are all greedy and need to be checked by the Democrats in government
With President Obama at the helm of the nation - one would expect to hear a conversation about his LEADERSHIP and POLICIES on the issue of Nuclear power.  If you were expecting this - YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN DISAPPOINTED.

The name "John Boehner" (or did she call him "John Bonehead" once?) was brought up no less than 10 times in their hour-long conversation.

When Dr. Herndon stated "I sent a letter to candidate Obama - through Andrew Young - about how science education could be reformed but heard nothing" Bev Smith - IF she were transparent would have criticized Obama - just as she did the House Republicans and - (are you kidding me) President George W Bush.

There was radio silence right after Dr Herndon posited the news of his letter to Obama.  

With the US House having 1/2 of the 1/3 of government power at the federal level - WHY was it that the US House - now that it is controlled by the GOP was so prominently talked about while the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and his policies on electricity generation was not mentioned?

Indeed John Boehner is the SUPERIOR TARGET for the radio host and thus he received her focus.

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