Sunday, March 6, 2011

Obama, Gas Prices And The Evidence That Certain Points Of Damnation Are Merely Used To Accomplish One's Political Agenda

I recall in 2008 having received this picture on my company e-mail from some associates, who despite my best efforts to focus on the actual deliverables on the streets of our community - chose to focus on partisan political indictments.

At this time just a few short years ago - please recall that the inflation in the gas prices that we were all battered with were a result of:

  • The President role as an "Oil Man"
  • The fact that Big Oil had open access to the White House and were siphoning the money from American's wallets - the Commander In Chief idly watching with pleasure
  • As a direct result of America's imperialistic warmongering around the world
As the picture shows - the index of gasoline prices was a sign of the political competence of the Presidential administration in question.

Please Note The Silence In This Space Today

I listened to the grief from a working mother telling me about how the increases in the cost of living has greatly impacted her.  She was forced to move out of her rental property and back with her mother to save money.  Yet with the increase in fuel costs - the savings that she had recognized is being consumed at the gas pump because now she has significantly increased the distance that she has to commute to get to work.

I asked her "Who do you blame for this?"

She said "Well I guess I have to blame Obama".

I corrected her - "There is a lot more to this than just the President of the United States.   The instability in the regions where the world market gets its oil triggers a run up in the price.  The "risk premium". 

What you should be doing is to make note of these real world conditions and the next time someone tries to convince you that it is the fault of their political enemy - make sure that they are willing to be consistent and also cast the blame when they assist a more likeable person to take over."

My Observations
I actually have a large measure of respect for some people who have a very different ideology than I do but who can prove that they actually believe what they say.  We all have different perspectives.   Our debate should be about effective outcomes and "unanticipated consequences".

The most loathsome people to me - however, are those who have no other goal but to bolster their ideological positions.   They have no intention to retain their consistency.  Instead they use the tool of SILENCE, hoping that no one else will make note of the same conditions that have occurred in their "laboratory" yet their failure to publish the results - now that a "favorable person" is in power.

We are more inclined to see them go on the aggressive offensive - taking the lead to obfuscate the blame upon someone else - long before the masses get hip to their scheme.

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