Thursday, February 10, 2011

"All The President's 'Black' Men" Meet With Obama

The Obama's Meeting With Black Leaders: A Little Too Laid-Back ...

The best way to make my point is to contrast the recent Pre-Super Bowl "meeting" between President Obama and Fox New's Bill O'Reilly and the recent gathering of 10 Black Political organizations with the president.

The most common criticism rendered from "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" is that Bill O'Reilly was 'Disrespectful' toward the "President Of The United States" as he constantly interrupted him.  This priority of their issue of offense just happens to match the criticisms that their ideological brothers on MSNBC keyed upon.  Even the venerable Bill Maher said that he personally was OFFENDED by how O'Reilly engaged with the President.  (Simply amazing folks).

The National Policy Alliance meets with the President

Less than two months after his last sit-down with the National Policy Alliance, on Tuesday President Obama met again with the group of African-American advisers. A coalition of 10 -- nine of which represent black public officials, including the National Conference of Black Mayors and the National Black Caucus of State Legislators, plus the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies think tank -- NPA also met with Cabinet members and senior administration officials.
Countering the perception that the White House steers clear of such organizations, lest the president appear "too black," NPA additionally holds weekly phone conferences with White House advisers.

Who is the "National Policy Alliance":  An offshoot of the "Joint Center For Political And Economic Studies

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies is one of the nation's premier research and public policy institutions and the only one whose work focuses exclusively on issues of particular concern to African Americans and other people of color. For over three decades, our research and information programs have informed and influenced public opinion and national policy to benefit not only African Americans, but every American.
The Joint Center's current research and analyses address critical issues in three key areas: political participation; economic advancement; and health policy. In conducting research and policy analysis and in disseminating our products, we seek to build partnerships and coalitions with Black Elected and Appointed Officials at every level of government and with like-minded organizations in order to broaden and strengthen the impact of our work.

Let us focus on the key construct of "RESPECT".

The last sentence from the press release above (in red) says it all.
The National Policy Alliance is more interested in ACCESS TO POWER - as expressed through meetings than they dare look at the conditions WITHIN the Black community and express some indignity.

This amount of "enforced respect" for the "Commander In Chief" in the context of mass suffering among Black people has not been seen since there was a threat to physical violence resulting from such public display by a Negro.  (See Woodrow Wilson).

If you read the viewpoints of many of their "Progressive who are Black" thought leaders - they wish to avoid giving "racists" a green light in attacking Obama because THEY attack him as well.   As they transfer their own disposition with "their guy" who is in the seat of power into a reference to THEIR ENEMIES - the only possible result is that the BLACK COMMUNITY will be forced to place our own "Permanent Interests" on forbearance.   The fight against "the enemy" is more important.

For me - as a Black man - MY ENEMY is:
  • The systematic FAILURE to engage our human resources into productive use WITHIN the Black community
  • The systematic FAILURE to leverage the control that "favorable people" now have over our key "Human Resource Development" institutions - to follow through in preparing our young people to assume leadership roles in our community in the future
  • The systematic FAILURE to field a set of CULTURAL ENFORCEMENTS which promote certain behaviors that are incontrovertibly more productive in support of our present needs for UPLIFT

My 2011 theme across all of my blogs that focus on issues WITHIN the Black Community is "What is the COST upon the Black Community as it chooses 'ideological unity enforcement' and 'promotion of their favored political power' over the DISPASSIONATE pursuit of the "Permanent Interests" of our community.

The key problem is that they ADVANCE THE IDEOLOGY THAT THEY HAVE BOUGHT INTO over any RESULTS that would cause them a measure of introspection.

The real COST is that - in the context where Black people have the final say on WHO represents where we live in our highest concentrations and WHAT they believe in the way of political theory - the only thing that we can logically conclude is that as their grievances have not abated - they have CHOSEN to do everything necessary to remain as they are.  They should content themselves with this fact.

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