Thursday, January 27, 2011

Obama Did Not "Short Change" Community Colleges Until Education Activists Call Him Out On It

As the NPR report above details - President Obama promised the American community college system $12 billion during his 2010 "State Of The Union Speech".

He went to the Democratic Controlled House and Senate and they provided nada.
The promised $12 billion was whittled down to $2 billion when all was said and done.

One thing that was different, however, was that there was no organized ranting about "Obama having SHORT CHANGED education, despite what he promised".

Back when "No Child Left Behind" was in full effect (it still is) I noted how it seemed that a group of Democrats had gotten into a room and figured out a set of talking points to attack the enemy president at the time. Despite the enemy president having spent more money on education than his predecessor - the new standard of FAILURE was that a president had failed to spend the amount of money that he promised. There was no reference at the time to the part that Congress plays in the appropriation game.

To be clear - this post is NOT ABOUT OBAMA!!!

This entire blog is about how certain operatives have changed "After Obama".
With careful monitoring of their antics we can see, without a doubt, that their goal is not to actually attain the "permanent interests" that they claim. Theirs is only an ideological "scorched earth" game.

That $12 billion? That assisted Obama in registering an "A" in the Essence Magazine opinion poll about Obama's education policies. It had NOTHING to do with the facts on the street regarding education though.

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