Sunday, January 23, 2011

Muckraking Leftist Reporter Seymour Hersh Resurfaces In The Age Of Obama

Seymour Hersh: Military Branch Being Run By 'Crusaders'

There you are, old friend.  I was looking out for you and Jonathan Kozol.  I wondered what your voice and disposition would be when you had a "favorable president' to you in power yet you needed to show consistency because little has changed.  (Wars/Foreign policy - with Hersh and Educational outcomes with respect to Kozol).

Not surprisingly Mr Hersh did what I expected him to.  Where as Bush WAS a part of the rogue forces that had hijacked this nation's policies and institutions, Mr Hersh is forced to point to how these rogue elements are still operating DESPITE President Obama being in office.  Obama needs to root them out because they are working "in his name".

Please recall that Hersh told us that the Bush military was going to invade Iran.  I wonder if these plans are still in place or does Obama give him cover to say "I was not wrong - a more sensible administration came in..........IF McCain were in office - we'd have boots in Iran - just as I had predicted". 

Sadly these are the people who are the bigots that you all need to review.  They are able to express the existence of "Organic Evil" in their ideological enemies.  When it comes to Obama executing the same war strategy - this destruction is not intrinsic to his nature.  He was HANDED a situation that he had to deal with. 

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