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Jerome Corsi Vs Bev Smith & Barack Obama

Bev Smith Show host goes off script - dares to inspect "President Barack Obama's" administration and policies as a CONTINUUM of past presidents rather than a "ray of HOPE that CHANGE" would be in order.
I wish I had recorded this episode.   Listening to it for yourself would do more justice than what I could present here.
The format was as such - Dr Jerome Corsi was to talk about China and how America is becoming increasingly indebted and dependent upon this "communist" nation.  He started out good as he bashed:

  • Corporations
  • Did not rebut Bev Smith's insertion of how President Nixon (R) had opened the door to relations with China which now has us in a situation where we "gave away the jewels"
  • Bash China for its lack of Labor Laws
All the while Bev Smith was interjecting her outrage at "those bastards".
But hold up now!!   Corsi stepped in it when he INCLUDED "President Obama" in the list of criticisms. 
  • Obama has had TWO straight years of DEFICIT budents"
  • "Obamacare" continues this ENTITLEMENT spending mentality that is bringing Europe to its knees financially

Bill O'Reilly has nothing on Bev Smith in regards to rebutting a guest in the voice of his favored politicians.  Like Pavlov's dog - each "inclusion" of Obama in the "President's Club" where he is sitting in the captains chair was RESPONDED TO with a 4 letter word:   "B.U.S.H."!!!!

I am honestly not sure if Ms Smith knows the difference between a "deficit" and "debt".   Sure the Obama Administration can coyly claim that the Oct 2008-Sept 2009 budget that Bush and the Democratic Congress had managed from Oct to Jan 20th was an "inherited" hot potato.   When it comes to the Oct 2009 - Sept 2010 budget passed by a Democratic Congress and signed by a Democratic President there is no spin that is permissible.   Add to this that the Progressive "Moses" named Paul Krugman who demanded a BIGGER government bailout - the 2 each $1 trillion+ DEFICITS that Corsi talked about would have been even larger.

As I listened to Bev Smith on this occasion I heard a:

  • Obama Press Secretary
  • An Ideologue
  • A Bigot
  • An Automaton 
all wrapped into one package.  It ultimately DIDN'T MATTER that the cliff's edge was near.  As long as a Republican Tea-Party member was to receive the blame - all was comforted.

When Dr Corsi went into details about how ENTITLEMENT SPENDING is the "Out of Control Growth" element of the budget it was as if some one had pulled the window shades up and blinded Ms Smith to REALITY.   She was at a loss to find a rebuttal

How much did BUSH spend on the wars?
How much did BUSH AND CHENEY spend on the "Interior Department"(?????)
How much did they gut the Energy Department?

Smith said "The new TEA PARTY MEMBERS of Congress just went back on their promise against EAR MARKS.......................I have my interns WATCHING THEM"

Can I ask you all a question?
Do you think that Bev Smith has anyone WATCHING Detroit or Camden?

I 'get it' that the "Tea Party members are BIGOTS".  
What do we call Bev Smith and others who doggedly invest their time into watching them, forsaking other issues that they SHOULD BE monitoring?    At minimum they are "Mall Cops".

Bev Smith NEEDED Jerome Corsi to say "Barack Obama INHERITED a mess from the REPUBLICANS and he is doing yeoman's work to fix what BUSH has destroyed".      You see when you deal with a cast of associates who know how to TAKE A QUE based on your provocative and leading questions and then you have a person who 'doesn't  get the hint'  - that wall of TALKING POINTS that your audience grew accustom to which AUTHENTICATED their world view - gets some small cracks in its window glazing. 

It was to the point of comedy when Bev Smith ran down the list of presidents that had "Harmed America and its workers".  She skipped over Carter and Clinton in her narrative. 

The stuff really hit the fan when Corsi said "Obama's lack of BUSINESS EXPERIENCE is showing through as he is not likely to sit at the negotiating table with China and pay hard ball".  Corsi used DONALD TRUMP as a key reference on how it needs to be done.  

Did you really need for me to tell you that the first thing out of Bev Smith's mouth was "GEORGE BUSH"?
"Well Bush did not have any real BUSINESS EXPERIENCE either".  
You see - this is the type of consciousness that is present among many people.  They believe that the counter-point to that which they feel "threatened" by is to find some attribute in their ENEMY that did not pass muster.  In bringing this forth they feel pacified.   In truth the counter-point to the challenge about Obama's "negotiating acumen" would have been for Bev Smith to AGREE that this nation is in a world of hurt and for her to ARTICULATE what it is our "head of state" NEEDS TO DO.  Then she could detail Obama's strengths and weaknesses in this area and suggest some administration resources that he could bring along with him.

When such a person "lives vicariously" through Obama - her effectiveness as an agent of the best interests of America is shot.

What was her solution?   Force "AMERICAN" companies to bring their production operations back to the USA using a combination of oppressive taxation and subsidy.

As a person from the Pittsburgh area it is amazing to listen to the fact that she doesn't "get it".    As we pierce the labor left talking point that CORPORATE GREED was the only reason for their movements - we should look at the force that was on the other side of the negotiating table.  They made the LABOR costs too high to justify and the companies responded to this intractable force.

What we need to do is to calculate the COSTS that have been suffered by Flint and Detroit and Camden and  East St Louis and Oakland and ask "IS the hard ball negotiating tactics and threats of a labor shut down WORTH IT now that the rank & file bear so much of the cost that their labor leaders has triggered?"

I have no confidence in many of the voices that present themselves as the "Black Press/Media".   It is so clear what their agenda is.   They merely just need to be forced to see the harm that they render upon our people WHEN THEY 'WIN'.  

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