Saturday, July 31, 2010

Obama And His Enemies And Friends

If you watch President Obama for any period of time you see that he handles disturbing news surrounding his political enemies and his political friends vastly differently.

When it comes to his adversaries he is fully of indictments and expanded connections regarding the character or lack there of with the political and ideological entities from which they derive from.

When it comes to expressing opinion about his friends that have caused damage Obama is either reluctant to call them out by name or is not willing to throw away their years of compliance with his type of politics for a few indiscretions.

I guess Obama is expressing that "empathy" that he so selectively favors.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thought July Is Deadliest Month In Afghanistan - There Is No Anti-War Movement As Before

July becomes deadliest month for U.S. forces in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — Three U.S. service members were killed in blasts in Afghanistan, bringing the toll for July to at least 63 and making it the deadliest month for American forces in the nearly 9-year-war.
A NATO statement Friday said the three died in two separate blasts in southern Afghanistan the day before. The statement gave no nationalities, but U.S. officials say all three were Americans. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity pending notification of kin.
U.S. and NATO commanders had warned that casualties would rise as the international military force ramps up the war against the Taliban, especially in their southern strongholds in Helmand and Kandahar provinces. President Barack Obama ordered 30,000 reinforcements to Afghanistan last December in a bid to turn back a resurgent Taliban.
The tally of 63 American service member deaths in July is based on military reports compiled by The Associated Press. June had been the deadliest month for both the U.S. and the overall NATO-led force. A total of 104 international service members died last month, including 60 Americans.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Obama Shifts Message To Leftist NetRoots From "Hope & Change" Over To "It Could Be Worse"

When the Atlanta Journal Constitution prints a headline that is tacitly critical of Obama the administration should consider itself to be in trouble.

The problem is that "Blame Bush" is wearing thin.   Only the most diehard and bigoted Democrats are going to stay resolute on this message.  The rest of us are watching the dashboard and are calling it as we see it.

Obama's message to voters: Things could be worse

The NetRoots really need something more than "Tea Parties are racist" to get themselves going.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Obama Tells Liberal Bloggers To "Keep Hope And Change Alive"

Obama urges liberals to 'keep up the fight'

The political tribal effect in our nation is the most troubling and damaging aspects of our great experiment.

For President Obama he figures that after 19 months in office he only needs to remind his leftist base how unhappy they were under George W. Bush while avoiding any mention that we are in the waining days of the 4th straight year of both houses of Congress being in the hands of the Democratic Party

  • DEFICITS - Obama attacks Bush for taking a $250 billion surplus and turning it into a trillion dollar deficit.  In the face of his loyal fans he need not mention that in this the first full year of 100% Democratic control over the budget (Executive branch and Legislative branch) - we just passed the $1 trillion deficit mark for the year with 3 more months to go.  The "money ran out before the month".
  • THE POLICIES THAT GOT US INTO THIS MESS - Obama talks about the jobs that have been destroyed by the policies of his adversaries.  He does not mention that the most acute job losses have been in places where his political theories stand unchallenged.  Several great American cities have suffered collapse, closely approximating the time period where the "mission accomplished" banners were hoisted over the city by the Progressives.  (Detroit, Trenton,Camden, etc)
  • THE WARS - It seems that Obama and the Progressives figure that if they don't talk about the wars and halt their protests that they will go "out of sight out of mind" of the American people.  With the news media no longer giving their daily body counts of dead American soldiers - there has been less impetus for those who used to march for the wars' end to do so.

Now that the Democrats have the power these leftist bloggers have turned into the defense mode, no longer "speaking truth to power".   I was foolish in my assumptions, for example, that "Crooks and Liars' would continue attacking the "crooks and liars" that have power.  Instead they, like Jon Steward began to train their rifle scopes upon those who were displaced from power and are now the opposition party to power.

Now the Left appears exhausted in their attempts to provide cover for the outrage.

Funny how this works.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Federal Housing Panel Says Obama Mortgage Releif Efforts Are Failing

Watchdogs slam Obama housing programs

Don't look to hear this news about failure on many news outlets.

WASHINGTON — Obama administration housing rescue programs have been ineffective at preventing a rise in home foreclosures even as the government's support for the mortgage market grew by nearly $700 billion in the past year, bailout watchdogs said on Wednesday.

Neil Barofsky, Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, heaped more criticism on Treasury for its failure to adopt more realistic goals for the number of people who can benefit from its program to modify mortgages to slash monthly payments.

"Treasury's continued indications that this is a successful program without identifying these goals and benchmarks is simply not credible," Barofsky told the U.S. Senate Finance Committee. "And I fear that the growing public suspicion that this program is an outright failure will continue unless and until Treasury adopts this recommendation and comes clean with what its goals and expectations are."

The Treasury has stated its goal for its $75 billion Home Affordable Modification Program was to cut monthly payments for 3 million to 4 million "responsible" homeowners by the end of 2012 — excluding speculators or those who bought vacation homes.

The Treasury released figures this week showing that it had assisted 1.3 million homeowners so far, but over 40 percent of these — around 530,000 — have dropped out of the program. In fact, more borrowers dropped out than those who achieved permanent status in June.

Barofsky and Elizabeth Warren, who chairs the bailout Congressional Oversight Panel, told lawmakers that the program was doing little to provide real housing relief.

Warren, considered a leading candidate to lead the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau signed into law by President Barack Obama on Wednesday, said the program had not kept up with the deterioration in the housing market.

"It's too small, it's too slow," she said. "The program is based on the assumption that we will pay the servicers a bribe to make a deal between the homeowner and the investor who's still holding the paper and it has not worked well."

Barofsky, in a new quarterly oversight report, again pressed his recommendation that Treasury consider making mortgage principal reduction mandatory instead of voluntary, saying this would do more to aid "underwater" homeowners, who owe more than their homes are worth.

The Treasury has declined to adopt the recommendation, citing the prospect that mandatory principal reduction would lead mortgage servicing firms to opt out of the program. It is also concerned about fairness issues, as reductions in principal would help not only responsible homeowners hit by value declines, but also those who overleveraged their properties in refinancings.

U.S. Treasury officials defended their efforts, saying that it had permanently reduced monthly payments for nearly 400,000 homeowners and was adapting to changing conditions by offering forbearance to unemployed people and extra funding for the hardest-hit markets.

Herbert Allison, Treasury assistant secretary for financial stability, said the Treasury often agrees with Barofsky's recommendations, "but once in a while, we differ on what type of policy will best carry out our mandate."

$3.7 trillion tab
Barofsky's report also estimated that total U.S. taxpayer support for the financial system grew by $700 billion in the past year to around $3.7 trillion — including TARP, Federal Reserve programs, asset guarantees and federal bank deposit insurance, among other commitments.

The increase was largely due to the government's pledges to supply capital to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and buy their securities and guarantee mortgages to prop up housing, it said.

Increased guarantees for loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration, the Government National Mortgage Association and the Veterans administration increased the government's commitments by $512.4 billion alone in the year to June 30, according to the report.

Barofsky said the increase was "the equivalent of a fully deployed TARP program" — a reference to TARP's original $700 billion price tag — and came

The increased government commitments more than offset about a $300 billion decline in the U.S. Treasury's TARP commitments in the past year as programs have closed and banks have repaid taxpayer funds.

The new financial reform law limits Treasury's TARP authority to $475 billion and prevents it from taking on any new obligations. The Treasury said on Wednesday it is shrinking several programs and dropping a TARP small business lending program allocated at $30 billion.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Barack Obama - Transactional Indicter

If you watch how Obama and his defenders debate you'll see that they work to indict and disarm.  Too often there is no immutable basis from which their operate and a line that they won't cross.   The ends justify the means.

Today Obama demands that Unemployment payments be extended without funding it without debt money.  The Democrats say that if debt is not used the stimulative effects are diminished.Recall that Obama has been attacking Republicans for expanding Medicare Part-D without paying for it.
Upon being called for their debt spending Obama says that the GOP was handed a $250B surplus and turned it into a $1 trillion deficit
Bush's largest sold responsibility deficit was $450b.  In the year that Bush shared with Obama (2009) the deficit for the year was $1,400 billion.  In the present year 2010 in which the budget is all Obama and all Democratic house and senate we are up to $1,000 deficit after 9 months and it is projected to be about $1,200 at the end of the fiscal year in September 2010.    How does a deficit president attack someone else for deficit spending? 
Obama focuses on "giving the keys back to those who recked the economy".   He reminds us how Bush destroyed the economy as he created a resession that cost 8 million jobs.
Obama and the Democrats do not mention that their machine controls every single large city and the economy there in.  There have been monumental collapses in the economic productivity in various cities after their anti-corporate theories have been adopted: Detroit, Milwaukee, Buffalo, Trenton, Camden, St Louis, Akron, Rochester and several other cities that have been shrinking because they can no longer produce the jobs that their residents need to survive.

Obama requires a complicit set of supporters who can stick out the massive unemployment that they are presently suffering as he works to provide more power to the federal government - doing nationally what they have already done to destroy the economics of these key cities.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Obama First Veto Watch

As I think back to my days on various progressive biased blogs I am recalling the rituals that were constructed by the anti-Bush progerssives.

  1. The Monthly Jobs Report - 8:30am on the first Friday of the month was a time to showcase Bush's failure to create enough jobs beyond the 150K jobs that were necessary to address natural growth of the American population
  2. The Stock Market - decline = Bush is a failure.   Success = corporate greed needs to be put in check
  3. Last was the question of "Bush' s First Veto"  
You see the fact that Bush never vetoed any bills from Congress was proof that he was complicit in with the policies coming out of congress and thus a weak, rubber stamp President.

Well Bush finally did render a veto of congress.  It was in his second term, against stem cells.   It was July 2006

I now will keep track of any evidence of Obama's intention to veto anything coming out of the Democratic House and Senate.

Obama did recently threaten to video a bill which threatens to strip $800 million from the federal education spending for "Race To The Top", Charter Schools and other programs.  It is the left wing Democrats that threaten these cuts.

If this comes through we will be in the 20th month of the Obama presidency.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Obama Chooses Cohen Over Herrenton In Memphis

Obama backs white rep in majority black district

With the cover of "The Final Call" this week telling of how the JEW is the central figure in the oppression of Black people - I wonder how Obama's choice to support a Jew in a Black district will cause mass defections of support from Black people.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Appeals Panel Upholds The Integrity Of The Gulf Coast Oil Industry and Economy Against The Threats By The Obama Administration

Federal appeals panel denies government bid to reinstate drilling ban

Either BP is an incompetent company or the entire oil exploration industry is  threat.  One can't argue both things at different occasion, changing as it suits their agenda.

Please recall that when BP was called to testify the reference standard for competency in drilling and on drilling platform configurations that chose safety over speed were seen in other companies.

Now that the Obama Administration seeks to keep their boot on the necks of all of the companies that have been operating in this zone for a time far longer than what this administration has been in power - their arrogance has them believing that there is a need to "shut'em all down" until THEY - the administration can be satisfied that they all live up to standard.

Let me as you all a question - In the past several weeks that the Administration lawyers have been working the courts - HAVE THERE BEEN ANY AGGRESSIVE INSPECTION SCHEDULE announced for the rigs that Obama threatens to shut down?

If the goal is to inspect these installations during the moratorium - what is stopping them from doing the inspections NOW?

Is it possible that is about POWER and not INSPECTIONS?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Delays In US Construction Projects In Iraq No Longer Face Public Condemnation

U.S. rushes to complete only some Iraq projects

Back When Afghanistan Was "The Right War"

It appears that the news media now has egg on its face.
This time magazine article was used to underscore the point that with Obama the USA will now focus on the "Right War" rather than Iraq.

Today we no longer hear:
  • Michael Moore demanding that we find Bin Laden
  • Protests against collateral damage 
  • In your face notices of deaths of American soliders
Indeed we have experienced "change"

Monday, July 5, 2010

Rolling Stone Gives Obama The Same Perp Walk As Bush - Will Other Leftists Follow?

WorldCan' information form

Of the factions in the left-wing press only "Democracy Now" seems disconnected from the Democratic Party machine enough to attack them and Obama without concern about the damage got the brand of each of them.

The following poster taken from the Rolling Stone magazine web site.  Is this a sign that their purge of General McCrystal was a warning shot against Obama instead of them taking out an Obama critic in his midst?

We'll have to stay tuned and watch.