Sunday, December 26, 2010

The "Professional Left" Is Pissed At Obama. Seek To Have Him To Prove He Is A Leftist:

Protest Obama dot ORG

Don't worry people.
This is not an ABSOLUTE attack upon Obama.
This is criticism in RELATIVE terms.

The key point that most people fail to make is that these are the "Unattached Radical Left". 
They wanted Obama to make an INDICTMENT against the system called "America" more than they wanted him to be elected as a figurehead upon the existing institutions.

Obama was to be their "inside man".

Having watched 3 Howard Zinn documentaries in the past week and purchased his book about American history - the "voice of resistance against the establishment order" is what rings through from the "Professional Left".

Fear not people - this is a "double down" from them.  They have enough time before the 2012 to (appear to) go against Obama, obtain a few more leftist victories and then strongly support his reelection in 2012.

Until someone puts their theories on trial in ABSOLUTE terms we will continue to be treated to these occasional dust ups.

Obama is the "blank canvas" that many can paint their dreams upon.   I can make you a long list of Black media outlets that still see him as the "First Black president" that needs not be protected.

Others on MSNBC and HuffPo see him as the "best most leftist option they have".  Why attack him to the point of damage and set up a Republican to take his place in 2013?

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