Thursday, November 4, 2010

Woman Sells Hand-Written Note From Obama For $7,000 To Pay Her Bills

Mom sells handwritten Obama letter for $7,000

A note from Obama is worth more than paper money.

Let's see - the Fed just announced that they would purchase $600 billion in US Treasuries in order to stimulate the economy.  Unfortunately this is new debt money.

All we need to do is to obtain 85,714 photo copies of a form letter from President Obama and send it out through the "Organizing For America" sales channel.  (Strange house "Organizing For America's URL is "".  Kinda tells you who they are REALLY "organizing for".  But hey I am not mad at them.  If it gets people to expend their money and their emotion - so be it).

Any way with 85,714 Obama letters drawing $7,000 each - the US economy would be saved and by 2012 we can have:

  • Obama with a second term
  • The Democrats strengthened with 61 votes in the Senate
  • The Republicans pushed out of power in the House
  • "Real" Universal health care - with a provision that covers paper cuts

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