Friday, November 19, 2010

Colin Powell - The Monday Morning Field Commander

Colin Powell would not have provided any correction to President Obama DURING the time of his "overreach". If Powell's advice would have demanded that Obama reverse course in any way - Powell would not have stood up to challenge the President.

Powell takes up the talking point about how Obama "failed to communicate his ACCOMPLISHMENTS". This does nothing more than transfer the blame to the "fickle American populace".

There is no mention of the constant taunting of his ideological adversaries. Obama told a group of Hispanics that they should vote against their ENEMIES. Contrast this against his disposition with the global Islamic community and how careful he is to not make such over-generalizations as to who America's enemies are.

President Barack Obama is an ideologue and has shown his lack of depth in his ability to caricature those who don't agree with him.

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