Monday, October 25, 2010

Survey: Top 5 "Obama Cheerleader" Blogs

Here is a starter list.

  1. The ProObama Blog - (Since our name is also our sentiments about the man don't expect him to ever fail us no matter what he does)
  2. 3 Chic Politicos -Michelle Obama had better watch her man
  3. Jack And Jill Politics
  5. The

If their scrutiny of Obama were a "limbo contest" Obama would not be able to jump high enough to touch the bar that they have set for him to scoot under.


Anonymous said...

Why are you hating on 3 Chics Politico? Envy is so ugly.

Constructive Feedback said...


This is not ENVY of 3Chics.

With all due respect IF EVER you see MY PERSONA fused into my desperate support for ONE MAN and/or AN IDEOLOGY/PARTY that I believe is my way to salvation - BUT WHICH prohibits me from using the REAL WORLD RESULTS to prove my theories then you should indeed charge me with HATRED.

However it is HATRED of the knowledge of MYSELF. Instead I am a FUNCTION of this other being that I have fused myself to.

The key difference as well is that the White voters in Mississippi and Alabama who have the same entrenchment are called bigots.

Anonymous said...

Then you must be obsessed with 3 Chics Politico? I see you've made at least 2 posts about them & a snarky comment too. Why?

Constructive Feedback said...


It seems that I really touched a nerve with you for my analysis of the 3 Chics blog and then making note of what they are all about.

The real question that you should be asking is "WHY haven't other people who are truly interested in ADVANCING OUR COMMUNITY called out people who seek to promote A MAN over the interests of the community?".

Seriously - please read the "Accomplishments" list and then tell me how many of these are SIGNIFICANT enough but most importantly RELEVANT to our community in a meaningful way?

With the total domination of our community by this MACHINE and no evidence that anyone is going to seek to make sure that OUR INTERESTS are not unalterably fused with the Democratic Party - you should be thankful that I have the audacity to see the problem with this incestuous relationship.