Friday, October 29, 2010

Obama Administration And War Policies That Would Ordinarily Trigger Progressive Criticism

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  • The Obama Administration works to convince the Afghan Government to delay its decision to boot out private security companies from the nation (Example: Blackwater / Xe is an example of a private security company)
  • The Obama Administration provides a waiver to several nations that have been found to make use of child soldiers, approving additional military aid despite this violation of United Nations' standards

Note: I am NOT claiming that I agree or disagree with the Obama Administration polices.  THIS BLOG AIN'T about ME or President Obama.  It is about how certain people have CHANGED "After Obama" has taken office.

They are no more committed to Anti-War Activism now, than were the Tea Parties driven to protest deficit spending under Bush.  (You see how this works.  Right?)

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