Friday, October 1, 2010

Major Shakeups In The Obama Administration Does Not Shake The Faith Of The Obama Manhood Protectors

The West Wing After Rahm Emanuel

In an ironic turn of events those who attack their ideological adversaries for promoting President Obama's DIFFERENCES as a means of injecting divisiveness into American politics fail to make note of how they treat Obama DIFFERENTLY than the way they have treated other people who used to sit in the seat that he now occupies.

In the past the performance of "All the president's men (and women)" would reflect upon the MAN who chose them for his team.

With Obama - those who seek to protect the man at the core (Obama) are comfortable in reserving their critique of the president by instead attacking his henchmen as grieve about the Obama Administration and the Federal Democrats that control Congress not producing a legislative track record that is not LEFTIST enough for their tastes.  

One would swear that Ralm Israel Emanuel, Larry Summers and Tim Geithener were Republicans as the Progressive-Fundamentalists attack them as if they were. 

If there was a time where the president needs to say "The Buck Stops Here", as a means of attracting direct criticism from his left-wing base - this is that time.

Instead the left doesn't want to damage their man.  They need him for their own interests. 

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