Saturday, August 28, 2010

Black Economic Distress & The Black Establishment's Guidance Instead Of Attacks Upon Obama

"The Final Call" is best understood as a syndicate for the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) with extra content that highlights information and issues specific to the Nation of Islam and the Islamic faith.

Two articles, one of which appeared in the Final Call show the same pattern as it relates to Black Establishment opinion leaders and their words directed toward President Obama in relation to the present distressed situation with the economy in Black America.

Note that with Ron Daniels he speaks in terms of what will happen to the Democrats as a results of the continuing economic malaise - 19 months into the Obama Administration.  Ironically this same meltdown that occurred leading up to the election was responsible for solidifying Obama's victory is also the condition that has him most imperiled. 

Mr Daniels fails to speak in terms of the Black community and what, if any punishment will be rendered if, after exposing so much of their enthusiastic support for the hope promised by Obama, the economy does not come through as was anticipated.  

My criticism of both of these stories is that both fail to make note that the same machine that Obama sits atop of is also the same machine that has been dominating all majority Black communities and the local economic policies that are in place.

In the case of Jesse Jackson - he makes reference to Detroit having collapsed.  He stands, shoulder to shoulder - with the forces of the labor unions and yet dismisses the claim that increased costs of production that came with demands for increased wages and compensation packages - aggressive regulations and in some cases punitive taxes and judicial rulings hoping to render punishment with an exclamation point against the "consumers of labor".  I am not willing to pretend any longer that the corporate management operated out of pure greed as they went off to find a new set of workers that they can exploit.  Instead there is a balance that must be achieved from the various interests.  When the balance beam becomes too far askew - those who have invested millions in capital plant and equipment will merely wait until the facilities reach end of life and choose to not refurbish but to find a new location to plant their roots.

Both Daniels and Jackson need to have their viewpoints about Obama's policies -which are ultimately that of their own - in line with the RESULTS and not the HOPED FOR results.

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