Sunday, July 25, 2010

Obama Tells Liberal Bloggers To "Keep Hope And Change Alive"

Obama urges liberals to 'keep up the fight'

The political tribal effect in our nation is the most troubling and damaging aspects of our great experiment.

For President Obama he figures that after 19 months in office he only needs to remind his leftist base how unhappy they were under George W. Bush while avoiding any mention that we are in the waining days of the 4th straight year of both houses of Congress being in the hands of the Democratic Party

  • DEFICITS - Obama attacks Bush for taking a $250 billion surplus and turning it into a trillion dollar deficit.  In the face of his loyal fans he need not mention that in this the first full year of 100% Democratic control over the budget (Executive branch and Legislative branch) - we just passed the $1 trillion deficit mark for the year with 3 more months to go.  The "money ran out before the month".
  • THE POLICIES THAT GOT US INTO THIS MESS - Obama talks about the jobs that have been destroyed by the policies of his adversaries.  He does not mention that the most acute job losses have been in places where his political theories stand unchallenged.  Several great American cities have suffered collapse, closely approximating the time period where the "mission accomplished" banners were hoisted over the city by the Progressives.  (Detroit, Trenton,Camden, etc)
  • THE WARS - It seems that Obama and the Progressives figure that if they don't talk about the wars and halt their protests that they will go "out of sight out of mind" of the American people.  With the news media no longer giving their daily body counts of dead American soldiers - there has been less impetus for those who used to march for the wars' end to do so.

Now that the Democrats have the power these leftist bloggers have turned into the defense mode, no longer "speaking truth to power".   I was foolish in my assumptions, for example, that "Crooks and Liars' would continue attacking the "crooks and liars" that have power.  Instead they, like Jon Steward began to train their rifle scopes upon those who were displaced from power and are now the opposition party to power.

Now the Left appears exhausted in their attempts to provide cover for the outrage.

Funny how this works.