Saturday, July 17, 2010

Obama First Veto Watch

As I think back to my days on various progressive biased blogs I am recalling the rituals that were constructed by the anti-Bush progerssives.

  1. The Monthly Jobs Report - 8:30am on the first Friday of the month was a time to showcase Bush's failure to create enough jobs beyond the 150K jobs that were necessary to address natural growth of the American population
  2. The Stock Market - decline = Bush is a failure.   Success = corporate greed needs to be put in check
  3. Last was the question of "Bush' s First Veto"  
You see the fact that Bush never vetoed any bills from Congress was proof that he was complicit in with the policies coming out of congress and thus a weak, rubber stamp President.

Well Bush finally did render a veto of congress.  It was in his second term, against stem cells.   It was July 2006

I now will keep track of any evidence of Obama's intention to veto anything coming out of the Democratic House and Senate.

Obama did recently threaten to video a bill which threatens to strip $800 million from the federal education spending for "Race To The Top", Charter Schools and other programs.  It is the left wing Democrats that threaten these cuts.

If this comes through we will be in the 20th month of the Obama presidency.