Monday, July 19, 2010

Barack Obama - Transactional Indicter

If you watch how Obama and his defenders debate you'll see that they work to indict and disarm.  Too often there is no immutable basis from which their operate and a line that they won't cross.   The ends justify the means.

Today Obama demands that Unemployment payments be extended without funding it without debt money.  The Democrats say that if debt is not used the stimulative effects are diminished.Recall that Obama has been attacking Republicans for expanding Medicare Part-D without paying for it.
Upon being called for their debt spending Obama says that the GOP was handed a $250B surplus and turned it into a $1 trillion deficit
Bush's largest sold responsibility deficit was $450b.  In the year that Bush shared with Obama (2009) the deficit for the year was $1,400 billion.  In the present year 2010 in which the budget is all Obama and all Democratic house and senate we are up to $1,000 deficit after 9 months and it is projected to be about $1,200 at the end of the fiscal year in September 2010.    How does a deficit president attack someone else for deficit spending? 
Obama focuses on "giving the keys back to those who recked the economy".   He reminds us how Bush destroyed the economy as he created a resession that cost 8 million jobs.
Obama and the Democrats do not mention that their machine controls every single large city and the economy there in.  There have been monumental collapses in the economic productivity in various cities after their anti-corporate theories have been adopted: Detroit, Milwaukee, Buffalo, Trenton, Camden, St Louis, Akron, Rochester and several other cities that have been shrinking because they can no longer produce the jobs that their residents need to survive.

Obama requires a complicit set of supporters who can stick out the massive unemployment that they are presently suffering as he works to provide more power to the federal government - doing nationally what they have already done to destroy the economics of these key cities.