Thursday, July 8, 2010

Appeals Panel Upholds The Integrity Of The Gulf Coast Oil Industry and Economy Against The Threats By The Obama Administration

Federal appeals panel denies government bid to reinstate drilling ban

Either BP is an incompetent company or the entire oil exploration industry is  threat.  One can't argue both things at different occasion, changing as it suits their agenda.

Please recall that when BP was called to testify the reference standard for competency in drilling and on drilling platform configurations that chose safety over speed were seen in other companies.

Now that the Obama Administration seeks to keep their boot on the necks of all of the companies that have been operating in this zone for a time far longer than what this administration has been in power - their arrogance has them believing that there is a need to "shut'em all down" until THEY - the administration can be satisfied that they all live up to standard.

Let me as you all a question - In the past several weeks that the Administration lawyers have been working the courts - HAVE THERE BEEN ANY AGGRESSIVE INSPECTION SCHEDULE announced for the rigs that Obama threatens to shut down?

If the goal is to inspect these installations during the moratorium - what is stopping them from doing the inspections NOW?

Is it possible that is about POWER and not INSPECTIONS?