Sunday, June 27, 2010

Obama Supporters Inferiorize Obama's Power So They Don't Have To Blame Him For US Policies They Don't Support

Cynthia McKinney: Special interests, not Obama call the shots in US

Does anyone believe that Cynthia McKinney would have brought up the notion of "The War Party" as a means of putting proper perspective upon the actions of former President George W. Bush?

Or more clearly - would we agree that if there was such a War Party - Ms McKinney would have had Bush as their party assistant leader.  Dick Cheney as the party boss.

When it comes to Barack Obama she and other leftists seek to avoid making direct criticism of Obama.  Criticism enough to cause damage to his presidency.  The last thing they want to do is to allow their disagreement with Obama over the war and his failure to follow through with the promises for an abrupt pull out is to cause a Republican to get back into power by being able to point to a mass of leftists that are protesting against Obama as they did against Bush.

The left is allowed to ask "What is the difference between Bush and Obama".   They are not going to demonstrate with the same contempt.  This might have them labeled as "Tea Party Protesters".