Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Obama Is Going To Figure Out "Who's Ass To Kick"

Imagine If Barack Obama and his Administration treated INDIVIDUALS as they treat evil Corporations.

* "We are going to keep our boot on their necks!!" - this was the imagery of an OPPRESSOR when applied in the American South and South Africa

* "I am going to make sure that they pay back every single dime that the federal government had to spend to bail them out". No No No. Don't focus on the BANKS that Obama said this to. Imagine the INDIVIDUAL MORTGAGE HOLDERS who took out MONEY on their house that they couldn't afford? Imagine OBAMA threatening them as such.

* "I study the situation in order to figure out WHO'S ASS I AM GOING TO KICK".
Bush was the 'DECIDER'. Obama is the "ASS KICKER".
What are the chances that this will "Get wings" as did Bush's comments? Imagine if OBAMA said he was going to "KICK THE ASS" of those who:

1) Causing the crime in the Southside of Chicago?
2) Causing "all Black schools" that he warned against in his "Race Speech" to be unfavorable environments that WE SHOULD NEVER ALLOW TO HAPPEN?

Barack Obama can only get away with what his fans ALLOW him to.
So many of them LIVE VICARIOUSLY through his own existence that they are so frequently unable to render a rational response with reference to the issues that they are experiencing in their own lives.

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