Friday, June 11, 2010

Cheney Met w/ Big Oil And Hid It/ Obama Doesn't Want To Meet With Big Oil And Had To Be Pushed To Do So

The results of one's ideology creates some stunning results.

Former VP Dick Cheney brought "Big Oil" to the White House for meetings.   The anti-corporate left did not appreciate it.  They demanded that Cheney show all attendance records of these meetings.  Cheney refused.

President Barack Obama, in the face of an environmental crisis REFUSED to meet with "Big Oil" CEO Tony Hayward, instead threatening to "Kick Their Ass".  One of his administration officials said that he'd "Keep his boot on their necks".

As the argument goes - Dick Cheney allowed "Big Oil" to craft the energy policy of the nation and this undue influence should be exposed.   These same people seem unable to formulate a narrative for President Obama.

Whereas President Obama has met with several corporate executives over time (General Electric's Jeff Immelt, for one, enjoys frequent access with the White House to guide the "green strategy"), for some strange reason meeting with BP executives is not worthwhile because they will try to blow smoke his way.

At the same time the #1 most frequent guest on the White House visitor's log is SEIU head Andy Stern.  SEIU has 2.2  million members yet Obama is inclined to diss and attack leaders of entities that have far greater impact to our national economy.

I have said before that Barack Obama is an ideological bigot.
The words of "oppression" as voiced by "boot on their neck" appears to be main-line thinking among the Obama Administration.

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