Sunday, June 27, 2010

Obama Supporters Inferiorize Obama's Power So They Don't Have To Blame Him For US Policies They Don't Support

Cynthia McKinney: Special interests, not Obama call the shots in US

Does anyone believe that Cynthia McKinney would have brought up the notion of "The War Party" as a means of putting proper perspective upon the actions of former President George W. Bush?

Or more clearly - would we agree that if there was such a War Party - Ms McKinney would have had Bush as their party assistant leader.  Dick Cheney as the party boss.

When it comes to Barack Obama she and other leftists seek to avoid making direct criticism of Obama.  Criticism enough to cause damage to his presidency.  The last thing they want to do is to allow their disagreement with Obama over the war and his failure to follow through with the promises for an abrupt pull out is to cause a Republican to get back into power by being able to point to a mass of leftists that are protesting against Obama as they did against Bush.

The left is allowed to ask "What is the difference between Bush and Obama".   They are not going to demonstrate with the same contempt.  This might have them labeled as "Tea Party Protesters".

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama Tells The Nearly Insolvent Europeans To Keep Deficit Spending

CNN: Europe spurns Obama's plea for more spending

It must be nice to have a background theme to cover your tracks in regards to your own "spending like a drunken sailor". Whereas Obama's immediate past predecessor was attacked as such for his big time deficit spending - Obama is able to:

  • Hit Bush for "Turning a $250 billion surplus into a $1,000 deficit (despite the fact that a Democratic Congress made the appropriations  and Bush controlled the spending from Oct 08 until Jan 20, 2009.  Obama had the federal budget from Jan 21 until September 30 2009
  • Is operating in the current budget - which is on track to have a $1,400 billion deficit
  • Has  a trajectory for deficits above $600 billion through his second term - if elected 

Talk about some nads!!

FORTUNE -- President Obama wants to slow Europe's headlong rush to austerity. But right now he looks like little more than a speed bump for the cutback crowd.

Obama has sought to use the upcoming meeting of the Group of 20 global finance ministers in Canada this weekend as a rallying cry for more fiscal stimulus. He argues that cutting government spending now risks undermining a fragile recovery in debt-soaked Western economies.

"We worked exceptionally hard to restore growth; we cannot let it falter or lose strength now," Obama said in a letter to G-20 leaders last Friday. "This means that we should reaffirm our unity of purpose to provide the policy support necessary to keep economic growth strong."

But the G-20's unity of purpose isn't what it was last year, when the global financial crisis galvanized the group to prop up the world's financial system.

Since Obama issued his call to focus on growth, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called budget cuts "urgently necessary," and European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said stronger public finances are part of a "policy which we would call confidence-building."

In the most striking contrast, the United Kingdom on Tuesday unveiled a budget that will slash real spending in many government departments by 25% over four years. Katherine Smith of economic research firm IHS Global Insight said the cuts were "truly eye-watering."

The case for cutting now is hardly ironclad. But after two years of costly government bailouts of the financial sector, the case for still more taxpayer largesse is not one many voters are eager to hear.

"Obama has been having difficulties selling that story domestically," said Stewart M. Patrick, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington. "Europe is very inward looking right now, and there are some large differences in how they see this issue."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obama's Budget "Magic Man" Departs The Administration

White House budget chief Orszag to step down

Never have I seen a White House budget director run up such high deficits yet avoid direct attacks by the media and the body politic.

Do you all seriously believe that you are going to receive Social Security and quasi-Universal Health Care?

Friday, June 18, 2010

I Wonder If This Woman's House Has Been Foreclosed Upon And Her Car Repossessed?

What Is An "Obama Scholar"?

Most importantly - would an "Obama Scholar" be able to articulate the full compliment of "Permanent Interests" that are needed for the Black community and then hold WHOMEVER the "President Of The United States" is accountable for failing to advance this notion? (Along with the other elements of the machine that controls their community institutions?)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Folly Of Comparing Bush & Obama On Disaster Responses

Poll: On Disaster Clean-Ups, Louisiana Voters Give Poorer Marks to Obama Than Bush

(Credit me for my consistency at least)

These popularity/opinion polls are worthless.

When someone is asked a question without structure the output is about as worthy as the "input" (the question).

For those who "attacked Bush" to score political points look ahead at the people who are now attempting to do what you once did.

The people in Louisiana are left to suffer all the while that political points scored by outsiders are registered.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sorry Rep Bachmann - Obama Is Not The "Worst President" Any More Than He Is The "Best President"

Rep. Michelle Bachmann – “Obama is the worst president ever”

I reject the claims of "best" and "worst" equally.

Look at the person's framework of evaluation before you agree with their assessment for no other reason than it matching your ideology and your preferences.

Ms Bachmann has no more of a framework than the people who heap praise upon Obama as the best of the 44.

Obamacare Costs and Broken Promises Mount Even Before They Hit The Streets in 2014

At this point people I am not surprised in the least.  I am merely going to play the role of the reporter of "those things done in the cover of darkness will soon come to light".

It would be too much for me to expect some people to admit that they went along with a big lie.  And it wasn't about "the Death Panels".

Friday, June 11, 2010

Cheney Met w/ Big Oil And Hid It/ Obama Doesn't Want To Meet With Big Oil And Had To Be Pushed To Do So

The results of one's ideology creates some stunning results.

Former VP Dick Cheney brought "Big Oil" to the White House for meetings.   The anti-corporate left did not appreciate it.  They demanded that Cheney show all attendance records of these meetings.  Cheney refused.

President Barack Obama, in the face of an environmental crisis REFUSED to meet with "Big Oil" CEO Tony Hayward, instead threatening to "Kick Their Ass".  One of his administration officials said that he'd "Keep his boot on their necks".

As the argument goes - Dick Cheney allowed "Big Oil" to craft the energy policy of the nation and this undue influence should be exposed.   These same people seem unable to formulate a narrative for President Obama.

Whereas President Obama has met with several corporate executives over time (General Electric's Jeff Immelt, for one, enjoys frequent access with the White House to guide the "green strategy"), for some strange reason meeting with BP executives is not worthwhile because they will try to blow smoke his way.

At the same time the #1 most frequent guest on the White House visitor's log is SEIU head Andy Stern.  SEIU has 2.2  million members yet Obama is inclined to diss and attack leaders of entities that have far greater impact to our national economy.

I have said before that Barack Obama is an ideological bigot.
The words of "oppression" as voiced by "boot on their neck" appears to be main-line thinking among the Obama Administration.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Obama Is Going To Figure Out "Who's Ass To Kick"

Imagine If Barack Obama and his Administration treated INDIVIDUALS as they treat evil Corporations.

* "We are going to keep our boot on their necks!!" - this was the imagery of an OPPRESSOR when applied in the American South and South Africa

* "I am going to make sure that they pay back every single dime that the federal government had to spend to bail them out". No No No. Don't focus on the BANKS that Obama said this to. Imagine the INDIVIDUAL MORTGAGE HOLDERS who took out MONEY on their house that they couldn't afford? Imagine OBAMA threatening them as such.

* "I study the situation in order to figure out WHO'S ASS I AM GOING TO KICK".
Bush was the 'DECIDER'. Obama is the "ASS KICKER".
What are the chances that this will "Get wings" as did Bush's comments? Imagine if OBAMA said he was going to "KICK THE ASS" of those who:

1) Causing the crime in the Southside of Chicago?
2) Causing "all Black schools" that he warned against in his "Race Speech" to be unfavorable environments that WE SHOULD NEVER ALLOW TO HAPPEN?

Barack Obama can only get away with what his fans ALLOW him to.
So many of them LIVE VICARIOUSLY through his own existence that they are so frequently unable to render a rational response with reference to the issues that they are experiencing in their own lives.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spike Lee To Obama: "Go Off" - Get Mad At The Oil Company So We Can Be Inspired Again

CNN: Charge to Obama: 'Go off!'

CNN Article:
In the weeks since an oil rig exploded and later sank into the Gulf of Mexico, President Obama has dealt with the tragedy with his signature cool, calm and collected approach.
But with the oil still gushing in what is now the worst spill in U.S. history and the environmental devastation coming ashore, the president is becoming a target of the anger that was originally directed only at BP.
"One time, go off!" director Spike Lee urged on CNN's "AC 360°." "If there's any one time to go off, this is it, because this is a disaster."
Lee's sentiment echoes the frustration of people who want to see Obama get loud, take charge and inspire them like he did during his presidential run.

Recalling then-candidate Obama's ability to rouse crowds into chants of "Yes, we can," presidential historian Douglas Brinkley said, "There was a feeling he was going to be one of these presidents that moved us with words the way John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan did in recent decades." 
Instead, Obama has presented himself as the unflappable president, with the engineer-like approach of Jimmy Carter and the legislative astuteness of Lyndon Johnson, Brinkley said.
"But in a time of great crisis, people aren't looking for Johnson or Carter. They are looking for powerful rhetorical leadership -- words that move the country in a positive direction," he said.

These words are so critically important.

Spike Lee and others are "living vicariously THROUGH" Barack Obama.
While they are angered at the oil spill in the Gulf they are not willing to get angry AT Barack Obama.   Instead they are "angry that he is not displaying more anger at those who they are angry at" - the corporations and the regulatory history of the Bush Administration.

They want Obama to make them "FEEL" as they did during the campaign for president.

They should look at Obama's address in Pittsburgh.  He sang their music.  Obama plans to remove all tax breaks to oil companies.  He is sending his Attorney General to initiate legal action against BP and other companies involved with the spill.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AIDS Funding Activists Protest Obama's Cuts Of Global AIDS Funding

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"Boot On The Neck" - Oppression Against Individuals - The Thing To Do Against Corporations

"Boot On The Neck" of British Petroleum.
This is what Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said in relation to how the Obama Administration is holding this corporation accountable.


It is ironic as to how the word "Boot On The Neck" which is attached to the notions of oppression has been co-opted for use against a corporation.   In the context of civil rights "the boot on the neck" is repudiated.

I am not surprised then to see a member of the Obama Administration leverage their angst against corporations, appropriating this word as such.  Furthermore I am not surprised about the silence over the word within the progressive community.