Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What A Surprise - Obamacare Inches Past $1 Trillion - Too Late For Him To Veto It Now

Health Care Bill Potentially Costs $115 B More

Don't sweat it people - none of this is a surprise to me.
We haven't even gotten started yet.

What was sold to us as an (approx) $965 billion piece of legislation will easily top $1,500B by the time it is actually implemented.

I posted an audio interview a while back from an official in the Johnson White House.  He made the point that, in so many words, people are sheep.  Say what you need to say to them on the front end to get the thing passed through Congress.  By the time the realities come forth they won't care and can't do anything about it anyway.

The events presently going on in Greece is an example of the only thing that can stop Obamacare and other reckless spending initiatives.

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