Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is Barack Obama A Bigot When It Comes To Qualification And Approval Of Judicial Nominees?

Nominee:  John Roberts - Obama said was Qualified - Voted Against

Senator Obama Speech Notifiying His Intent To Vote Against John Roberts

Though I believe that you are qualified for the position it is the "5%" of the cases that come before you that require EMPATHY for the "little guy" that I don't believe that you have, thus despite the fact that you meet all of the previous judgments that I have listed - I am still going to vote against you.

Nominee (Expost facto): Clarence Thomas - Said Was Unqualified
Obama = "Clarence Thomas was not experienced enough for the Supreme Court - I would not have nominated him".

Nominee (Of His Own Choosing) Elena Kagan - Obama Judges As Qualified

You have the floor, President Obama - please justify your appointment of Elena Kagan based on the standards that you have put up for these other two nominees who's only sin is that they are "conservatives".

The trademark of a bigot is that his views are highly predictable based upon the characteristic of a person under scrutiny that he is troubled by. In the case of Barack Obama it seems that he is an ideological bigot.

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