Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kellog Brown & Root New Contracts No Longer Trigger Protests

US Army awards faulty KBR $2.8 bln contract

Hat tip to Rachel Maddow (I knew that me recording your show every day would be worth something one day)

It appears that with former VP Dick Cheney no longer in office the left has chosen to attack him directly rather than going after Haliburton.

Defense giant KBR Inc. has been awarded a massive contract for support work in Iraq, even as it remains under a cloud of suspicion for its faulty record in Iraq.

Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) is to handle logistics support, transportation mission and postal operations in Iraq, Army Spokesman Dan Carlson said.

The optional one-year deal is potentially worth $2.8 billion.

The Houston-based group was notified of the award on Friday, a day after the company announced it lost about $25 million in award fees because of flawed electrical work in Iraq.

In 2008 the company was thrown into a crisis after 24-year-old Staff Sgt. Ryan Maseth was electrocuted while showering in barracks maintained by KBR.

Maseth's death triggered a review into 17 other similar deaths in Iraq and thorough inspections and repairs of electrical work in the occupied country, much of it performed by KBR.

The defense contractor has however denied any wrongdoing and was later cleared of all charges.

Last year KBR was once again put in the spotlight for allegations that it overcharged the military by $100 million.

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