Friday, January 29, 2010

Will Chris Matthews Ever Be Able To Look Past The Race Of Opponents Of Obama's Policies?

In the video above MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews told of his new found enlightenment as he listened into President Obama speech but "did not see a Black man".

I do not see this as a racist statement. Of course Mr Matthews would have no cause to advance this statement if Obama was White.

I would like to challenge Mr Matthews on a different but related point.
This past summer we saw "Tea Party Protests". The vast majority of those who were protesting were White.

Upon this point Mr Matthews lost his contact lenses that now has him "color blind". He served up an indictment that these "White protesters against Obama" must be motivated by RACISM since there is such little diversity among them. He asked the guest to disprove that racism was the key factor in having them take to the street. In fact both Matthews and Janeane Garofalo made the point that it must be racist since none of these people protested against Bush.

This proves one thing to me: Tales of "Racial Enlightenment" are sometimes used as a measure to proves one's own evolution in one arena while this same person uses the lack of diversity to tell of another's retrograde status.

I challenge Mr Matthews to interview more Black tax payers and ask them why they chose not to protest with the Tea Party crowds when any local newscast where Black people live will show them going to their local and county governments to resist planned tax increases.

I know that Mr Matthews and others are not going to do this because such an inspection must lead with the notion that "Black people have an EQUAL capacity to make use of ideological bigotry", which sometimes shapes our behavior as White people are inclined make use of.

96% of all Black voters supporting Obama is a sign of our connection to our own "best interests".
90% of all White voters in Alabama voting for John McCain instead of Barack Obama shows racial hatred. Alabama is a state that won't be cured until it becomes a blue state.................AGAIN.

You do the math folks.

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