Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama's First Iraq/Afghanistan Supplemental War Spending - It's Coming!!!

The president has changed.
The balance in congress has become more entrenched.

The key points that did not change is that there are still the same level of troops in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN.
The Defense Secretary has not changed.

For the past 6 years we have been treated to knock down, drag out fights twice a year with respect to SUPPLEMENTAL WAR SPENDING. On average these took place in March and September.

These were bills from $60 billion to $85 billion in size. The annual spending by the nation on these two wars has been about $165 billion per year.

We have seen two blockbuster $750 to $850 billion dollar "Economic Stimulus" bills pass through congress in less than 9 months. The opponents of the war spending were largely supporters of the stimulus bills and vice versa.

It will be interesting to hear the debates about this next round of war spending with the current arrangement in congress and the presidency.

I predict that Obama will register numbers in the $60 billion range but will refract anger by specifying troop withdraw commitments. Same money, different arguments around the periphery, different attack vectors used by the opposition to the war.

Obama Won't Cut Defense Spending Experts Say

Obama Nominees Signal End To Supplemental Spending Packages

In its public debut, the Obama defense team suggested they will "move away from" supplemental spending measures, overhaul the Pentagon's weapons procurement process, and pack the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review with policy decisions

There is "hope" that they will "change".
Reality is much different, however.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This nation will indeed NEVER BE THE SAME after we get past this episode.

Will Black Thug Entertainers Be Nicer - After Obama?

NBC’s “Today” — After getting a nod, she changed the subject to commerce: “But he knows what sells. You scare people.”
  50 Cent agreed: “I know I scare people. That’s actually my job. That’s why they buy my music. I scare them for $16.99, and they — and they buy the records and they’re entertained by it.” Gangel suggested it was all unreal, and therefore innocent. Does this woman fail to understand this guy was a crack cocaine and heroin dealer before being “discovered” by Eminem?

Sadly, when Gangel proceeded to ask young blacks whether President Obama or 50 Cent would be a stronger role model, most picked the rapper, as one said, “because he’s cool. I mean, he’s what’s in. Yes, the highest leadership position in American has changed, but society has still not changed yet.” Another added: “I do think that the life experiences of 50 Cent cannot be dismissed, and I think a lot of African-Americans can relate to 50 Cent’s experience.”

These kids still tried to pay tribute to Obama — by calling him “gangster.” It’s partially President Obama’s fault. He’s been very tight-lipped and cautious about disparaging rappers. He’s done it only when pressed, and always with great caution and tributes to rap artistry. He’s tried to display how he’s down with hip hop. He has copied Jay-Z’s moves and invited him to perform at a concert after the Inauguration for his staff party in Washington. What wonders he might work if President Obama would sound much more like Bill Cosby now that he’s standing in a powerful bully pulpit. But who will press him to try it?

Sorry lady, it ain't gonna happen.

For the majority of the Black community CHANGE HAS COME ALREADY.
Obama only needs to "stay Black", survive 4 years and FIGHT THE REPUBLICANS - (ie: turning back Bush policies).

What consequences will be placed on Obama if after 4 years:
  • The Black On Black Crime Rate is the same or higher?
  • Black Majority schools continue their same performance
  • Drug Thug Hip Hop recovers from their loses of CD sales as they shift to Streaming Music - pay for play?

This article shows that we have a Celebrity Culture.  As long as Obama does what the masses want him to do and never, never, never TELLS THEM WHAT THEY NEED TO HEAR, which just might be against what they WANT TO HEAR in the pretext of them CHANGING so that they can be more accomplished - all is well.

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Lived In "Rhodesia". No Worries The Usual Suspects Won't Mention It

I just watched as the new US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner just was sworn in by Obama and Biden. No big deal.

Mr. Geither mentioned that his view of the world was opened because his parents took him to several places around the world to visit and live for short periods.

He mentioned that he stayed a short while in "Rhodesia".

To give you some background - when I jokingly called the modern day "Zimbabwe" its colonial name of "Rhodesia" the same people who have no problem calling their home country "AmeriKKKa" got highly upset at me for doing so.

As I heard Mr. Geither make reference to the nation's colonial name I could not help but to perk up at the mention.

You see there are one of two possible situations going on here.

Either Mr. Geither - a White American visited the nation of "Rhodesia" while it was under control of its former colonial rulers. The racist Ian Smith comes to mind. (I recalled this without even having to look it up.)

Mr Geither was born in 1961. He said he traveled to "Rhodesia" as a youth and thus since "Rhodesia" became "Zimbabwe" in 1979 it is very, very likely that Mr. Geither traveled to this nation while it was under "apartheid".

Let me be clear - am I attempting to proclaim "guilt by association"? NO. I think that such a thing is "yellow journalism".

Since this blog is NOT ABOUT OBAMA but instead is about seems fitting to point out the FRAUD that is present in the differing responses that will come from this news.

You see - If Mr. Geither had been an elderly, White Republican - does anyone doubt that this news of him, first of all making the Politically Incorrect statement of calling the nation "Rhodesia" EVEN IF IT WAS CALLED THAT WHEN HE LIVED THERE a sign that this White, conservative man gained the benefits affored to only Whites in this racist nation and thus he might still hold these views as it relates to his economic policies?

You see folks - most of my work is about exposing the NARRATIVE that gets assembled as people pick up bits of information and assemble it as part of their tale.

Why didn't Mr. Geither do a code switch, calling the nation "Zimbabwe" out of respect for those who are sensitive to the racist past of that particular nation?

It is all too interesting that people who have a certain agenda don't allow the lack of explicit words that can be deemed "racist" to prevent them from making reference to the SYMBOLISM of certain actions. Perhaps they might be inclined to inspect the symbolism of Mr. Geither's reference?

Sadly and shamefully - Robert Mugabe has mugged Black Africans just as bad as did their former colonial powers.

SCLC Head - Obama Has No Slave Blood

Yes this is a comment that is about 6 months old but it bears repeating:

SCLC head: Michelle Obama treated more roughly than her husband, because of her slave heritage
Saturday, June 21, 2008, 03:37 PM
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Savannah — Michelle Obama has been the recipient of rougher treatment than her husband for a reason, the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference said Saturday.

One has ancestors who were slaves and the other doesn’t, said Charles Steele Jr., president and CEO of the decades-old, Atlanta-based civil rights group.

Barack Obama is “of the system. He’s going to be in the system,” Steele told a morning gathering of the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials.

“Why are they attacking Michelle Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, and not really attacking, to that degree, her husband?” Steele asked. “Because he has no slave blood in him. He does not have any slave blood in him, but Michelle does.

“This system is an issue. I don’t care what you say. You can’t expect the system that enslaved you save you,” Steele said.

Steele admitted to the crowd that his remarks about the Obamas were intended to be provocative, but afterwards declined to expand upon them.

The SCLC said his larger point was that — even should Obama win the presidency in November, the problems faced African-Americans will still require an outside voice.

Some Demand That Obama End Prohibition On Marijuana

Obama Has the Chance To Be Another FDR -- He Can End the Era of Marijuana Prohibition

The Doll Maker Aren't The Only One's Exploiting The Obama Kids

Roland Martin: Sasha's smile could be a guide to our future

It seems to me that if certain things are going to be off limits from consideration - it should be applied universally.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- There are so many things that we could take away and remember forever regarding the inauguration of the first African-American president in the history of the United States, but I'll always remember the laughter of a little girl.

Shortly after President-elect Barack Obama finished the oath and became President Barack Obama, he joined hands with his family and waved to the cheering voices of 1.8 million people packed from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial.

People cried, others hugged, celebrities and everyday folks snapped photos to capture the moment.

There really was an amazing energy that permeated the crowd as we all witnessed a barrier come tumbling down before our eyes.

But what stood out for me was a moment when President Obama looked down at his 7-year-old daughter, Sasha, and she said something to him, and then let out this huge laugh.

I don't know whether it was her statement or his response, but the bubbly child was having the time of her life. The sheer joy that was on her face as she grinned from ear to ear caused me to just start laughing as I watched her reaction.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Naom Chomsky - Obama's Position In Gaza Approximates Bush's Position - No Way

Noam Chomsky: Obama’s Stance on Gaza Crisis “Approximately the Bush Position”

Though I don't agree with them - I credit the far left for being far more committed to their craft and their consistency than I do the "Establishment Progressives"

"Fuck white people, Black people aint got to do shit because Obama got elected"!

Thank you brother. You give me a little bit of hope.

(Correction - Young Jeezy DID NOT vote for McCain. Jeezy is IGNORANT. Jeezy is a DEMOCRAT - these are two independent statements not a conjunction)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Could You Imagine The Outrage If The Image Was Reversed?

Courtesy of "The Australian" newspaper

I take it that our friends in Australia aren't as attuned to race loaded symbolism as we are here in the states.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sasha and Malia Dolls Hit Stores

Dolls of the President's 2 daughters are on the market.

I get the strange feeling that in 4 years, despite many of the urban schools that are failing today are still failing - some Black folks aren't going to be as upset as they made out to be a short time ago. Just a hunch. I am not sure where it is coming from.

Obama Trinkets

"Peace" Was Given A Chance Of 3 Days

Two U.S. missile strikes kill 17 in Pakistan, sources say

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) -- Seventeen people were killed Friday evening in two U.S. missile strikes in Pakistan's tribal region, said one government and two military officials.

They are the first such strikes since President Obama took office Tuesday.

Both hits were near the Afghan border, said local political official Nasim Dawar. The Pakistani military sources asked not to be named because they are not authorized to release such information.

The best part about all of this is that we won't see any more global anti-war protests and our president burned in effigy until the masses realize that they have been duped.

They brought THEIR paint to Obama's blank canvas and went to work.

Obama Will Believe In "Open Government" Up Until The Point When He Has A Track Record For His Adversaries To Use The Openness Against Him

Dr President Obama:

I don't agree with many of your policies.
I spend a considerable amount of time opposing your most avid defenders.

  • I need for the economy to improve lest you and the Congress continue to try and "fix it" in $350 billion increments of defict spending
  • I need for this nation to be safe so I am not hoping that your moves against Bush rather than against the terrorists prove flawed
More than anything, bro. - I need for you to realize that just because you are going to 'try hard' to CHANGE Washington DC - that it is DC that is going to determine its change. Not you. Do you recall that Jimmy Carter planned to "Change the culture in Washington as well"?

Mr President I saw your press conference the other day regarding signing statements. In the future it is better to allow your underlings handle the front line assignments. You see as your administration moves forth and you attempt to practice your "open government" mantra this is simply going to allow your political enemies to obtain all of the documents and then use them against you - particularly if and when what you had planned is not what ultimately turns out to be the case.

It is nice to hear about your goals regarding a ban on lobbyists. However, just as the lobbyist who sought to contribute to your campaign simply had their spouses make the contribution - these standards are porous at best. All you are doing is setting up the situation where people will do background checks of various personnel, make note of their past lobbying activities and then you will have a manufactured scandal on your hands, sir.

Take my advice Mr. Obama - drop the pretenses of "open government". You are basically handing out the shoes that will later be used to hit you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let The Hollywood Indoctrination BEGIN!!!

MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

We should not judge this on if these are "good things".
We should instead ask - Why didn't they make this case just 4 hours ago back through 8 years ago?


Change Has Come - Obama's "Mission Accomplished" Banner

Absent any "attack press", seeing to craft a negative narrative President Obama will likely get away with this lowering of the bar for "change".

If the t-shirts that have been in print from November 5th are any reference the 'Change' that people had been lobbying for was the election of Barack Obama rather than any particular "change" that we can commit to measurement.

Thus I will take a different tact. I will put forth a FAIR framework by which to measure CHANGE. In calculus the measurement of the rate of change is called "Prime".

Since we all agree that 'scientific fact and measures' should not yield to political expediency - I am sure that all will support my efforts to actually MEASURE change.

Obama Scores 100% In Technology Industry Test

........but so did John McCain. Darn it!!! The test must have been easy.
There goes another attempt to promote Obama's brilliance and McCain's stupidity as a near anchor of his naval class.

eWeek: Obama Scores 100% on High Tech Test

The Information Technology Industry Council issues a high-tech scorecard for the 110th Congress, with 53 senators and 111 House members earning perfect tech vote marks. Although they both missed key votes, President-elect Barack Obama and his Republican challenger for the White House, Sen. John McCain, managed to earn a 100 percent pro-tech score.

President-elect Barack Obama hit 100 percent on the Information Technology Industry Council's Congressional Vote Scorecard for the 2007-2008 U.S. House and Senate session released Dec. 15. In allOf senators who were present for all five votes, 26 Republicans and 18 Democrats scored 100 percent, including Sen. Daniel Inouye, the outgoing chairman of the Senate Science and Commerce Committee, and Sen. Jay Rockefeller, the incoming chairman of the panel.

"This scorecard is an important benchmark and a useful tool," Ralph Hellmann, senior vice president for ITI's Government Relations, said in a statement. "Lawmakers can use it as a reference, tech companies can check it to see how their own representative has voted, and journalists can refer to it to inform their coverage of big issues."

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., had the lowest mark on ITI's scorecard with a 25 percent ranking. DeMint voted "yes" on the trade agreement, skipped the tax extenders package and voted "no" on the America COMPETES Act, energy reform and the financial bailout. Sens. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., and James Inhofe, R-Okla., scored 40 percent to follow DeMint., 53 senators scored 100 percent on ITI's scorecard.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ahmadinejad Don't Like Obama. Hugo Chavez Hasn't Registered His Opinion Yet

Iran's Ahmadinejad says Obama regime 'hostile' to Gazans

Iran's Ahmadinejad is apearently poking at the Obama Administration with hopes that they will "come correct" with regard to Iran and the Gaza strip.  

Obama is going to have to expedite that "unconditional meeting" with America's enemies.   Or were they "Bush's enemies"?  

After Obama - Blacks Don't Have A Problem Mixing Religion and Politics

Jesus is indeed "on our side" now.

For many blacks, Obama's election is a matter of faith

This story needs to be viewed from the context of the criticisms upon America as expressed by Barack Obama's long time pastor - Rev Jerimah Wright. It is quite ironic that Wright's statement "God Damn America" was a play on the frequent notion of America as God's shining light on the hill in a dark world. It seems clear that just like nearly every sporting contest - GOD is on their side. If one side wins - GOD did it on their behalf. The losing side being the devil's agents.

By Sandy Banks, LA Times:

I've heard the chatter for months across black Los Angeles, at cocktail parties, church socials and coffee shops:

The election of Barack Obama was not just about politics, but providence. Obama was anointed by prophecy to lead. His election is a reflection of God's grace and of black Christians' fealty.

But whenever I brought my notebook out, most people clammed up.

The sentiments were no surprise. And neither was the public unease.

"Don't go there," warned a shopper, who would give her name only as Martha when I broached the subject at Eso Won bookstore in the Crenshaw area of Los Angeles. I told her I wanted to write about it.

"Don't taint yourself with that," she advised. "Go the intellectual route instead."

Yet, in the wake of Obama's historic election, I found it hard to ignore the theories of religious destiny percolating through the black community -- fueled by theology, coincidence, history and a profound sense of awe that an African American man is about to become the leader of the world's most powerful democracy.

"I have no doubt this is God's work," Latoya Jackson told me last month, as we sat at the bar and talked after we met over dinner at an Encino soul food restaurant.

A graduate of UC Berkeley, studying for her master's degree in international relations at New York University, she was intelligent, enthusiastic and refreshingly blunt.

"God said it's time," and Obama was uniquely prepared by virtue of his education and family background, Jackson said. "We needed a charismatic individual, and God sent him. It couldn't have been anyone else but Barack Obama."

She's convinced this country is on the verge of divinely inspired change. She pulled out her cellphone and showed me the scriptural confirmation she had sent, via text message, to her friends -- a passage from the Old Testament Book of Judges: "Arise, Barak, and lead away thy captives."

Some African Americans find the religious fulminating embarrassing, and worry that it tarnishes Obama's accomplishment and ignores America's social progress.

"Ridiculous," said Eso Won co-owner James Fugate, before I could even finish asking about it. "People forget this guy worked hard, got good grades, did work in the community. . . . He's a smart guy who knew how to present himself. And he ran the best campaign this country has ever seen."

But Fugate understands why so many blacks are tethered to religious interpretations. "Black people have seen the absolute worst America has to offer," he told me. "There's a lot of baggage people have carried for a very long time. It's hard to think it's over with . . . that America has changed."

And he understands the reluctance to talk publicly about it, particularly among middle-class, middle-aged blacks, raised to care very much what white people think about us.

When he was growing up in Los Angeles in the 1960s, "we had to dress up for shopping trips," Fugate recalled. "Our parents wanted us to have a certain appearance, because if we went downtown, we didn't want the white people to think we didn't belong."

No one wants to be considered a religious nut. But reliance on the power of God is second nature to most American blacks. National studies consistently show that black people attend church more regularly than other races, pray more often, and are more familiar with the Bible and more likely to consider it the literal word of God.

Ninety percent of African Americans -- compared with 60% of whites -- say prayer is important in coping with life's problems. Even foul-mouthed young rappers make it a point to thank God from the podium when they accept their music awards.

Academics say this religious fervor is rooted in the black experience of slavery in this country. An abiding faith in a savior, salvation and divine justice sustained black Americans through centuries of brutal treatment and generations of legal discrimination.

"Collectively, as a people, Christianity and the notion of the divine is in our DNA," said Gabrielle Pina, an author and instructor at USC and Pasadena City College.

Pina hears conversations about a religious force propelling Obama from her young college students and her professional buddies. At a recent 40th birthday party in Phoenix for a black federal judge, "people were privately talking about it," she said. Politicians, lawyers, professors, doctors -- agreeing that God had a role in presidential politics.

Try to tell black folk that God had nothing to do with this and you're asking for a fight," Pina joked. "You cannot separate black people from Jesus."

Or, as a Jewish friend of mine said, only half-joking, "Obama is your Moses."

Assigning religious meaning to secular doings is not specific to black people.

Americans of all backgrounds have long seen the hand of God in the nation's affairs. Manifest Destiny -- the idea that America was chosen by God to lead -- embodied the young country's sense of purpose. Presidents have evoked that obligation in inaugural addresses throughout history.

Today, the notion of Obama-as-messiah might simply be seen as the flip side of the white evangelical fringe's Obama-as-the-Antichrist blather online.

Perhaps it is merely human nature to try to assign some sort of cosmic meaning to events that shake our social bearings. For years after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, theories floated around about numerical connections that somehow linked his death to that of Abraham Lincoln.

Now, Obama's ascent seems to some rife with historic synergy and theological manipulation.

Was it merely "symbolic coincidence" that his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention occurred on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech 45 years ago? Or is Obama -- the embodiment of that dream -- being carried into the White House on angels' shoulders?

And what about the sudden financial meltdown -- brewing for years, but exploding just after Obama's poll numbers dropped?

Fugate, the bookstore owner, laughs at that. Then he admits, "I thought it was God's hand picking Sarah Palin" when John McCain announced her as his Republican running mate. "It's God saying he wants Barack to be president."

I don't know whether to take him seriously.

I only know that we interpret the world through our culture's lens -- our stories and struggles, our hopes and fears. That's why this inauguration can be perceived so differently. Immigrants can hold it up as proof of America's generosity -- that anyone can be anything if you work hard and have big dreams.

Young people can believe their energy gave Obama the edge. White voters can spin the win as proof of how open-minded they are.

So if some of my brothers and sisters want to credit God, who am I to say they're wrong? After all, on Tuesday morning across the country, millions of Americans, regardless of race or creed, will be praying for President Barack Obama.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hip Hop After Obama: From "F The Police" Over To "My President Is A Black Man"

I am not sure how long this will last but it sure is interesting to watch.

Barack's support may be just the rhyme and reason rappers need to put a more positive spin on hip-hop.

When he takes office Tuesday, President Barack Obama will have his hands full dealing with the economic downturn, the Gaza Strip conflict, terrorist threats in Afghanistan and any number of relentlessly pressing matters.

But maybe he could spare a little time to help out hip-hop, too?

After all, Obama is not just the first African-American president. He is the first hip-hop president - the first one with Jay-Z and Kanye West on his iPod, the first one who speaks the culture's language, the first one who embraces its mannerisms, from fist-bumping with his wife to throwing his hands in the air and waving like he just don't care to Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love."

Though he admits he's older than hip-hop culture, he clearly understands it. "What I've appreciated seeing in this hip-hop generation is how entrepreneurial they've been," Obama has said. "What I'm starting to see is [for rappers] to stretch out more to think about social responsibility and how they could impact the culture in a positive way and I hope that continues."

Will that hope be enough to persuade many rappers and their fans to look at the genre in a different way? Is that the change hip-hoppers can believe in?

Because the genre certainly needs some change. While sales of rock music dropped only 6.5 percent last year, hip-hop sales dropped nearly 20 percent, according to The Nielsen Company - part of an alarming trend for hip-hop.

In 2003, hip-hop was the third-most-popular type of music. By 2008, it had dropped to sixth, behind country and metal, only slightly ahead of gospel music. Over the past five years, hip-hop sales have fallen 57 percent, according to Nielsen.

In many ways, hip-hop has gotten lazy in recent years. It is far easier to rhyme about bling and rims and the club when you're trying to keep people entertained than it is to tackle social responsibility or cultural positivity in a four-minute song. It is also far easier to market that. Unfortunately, for hip-hop, that all becomes too predictable too fast.

Chang says that Obama's election has already inspired some artists to think outside the box, to attempt topics that they previously left alone.

"For me, the turning point was the Young Jeezy episode," Chang says. "You have this guy who's been all about 'crack rap' and he's forced to defend the fact that he supports Obama. Jeezy comes out and says, 'I'm basically supporting him because of the health care issue because my mom got sick and I had to pay for it out of my own pocket.' That's pretty amazing."

That theme is one Jeezy continues to explore in "My President Is Black," where he rhymes about the problems of the working class: "I woke up this morning, headache this big. Pay all these damn bills, feed all these damn kids, buy all these school shoes, buy all these school clothes, for some strange reason my son addicted to Polos."

Tossing Obama into the mix

Though Obama's candidacy and election haven't spawned a major hip-hop album yet, they have inspired numerous mixtapes, gathering high-profile rappers' thoughts on his presidency.

On DJ Green Lantern's "Yes We Can" mixtape, for example, everyone from Akon to Jay-Z contribute new songs and interviews to celebrate Obama's accomplishments.

"What [Obama's election] represents is we as a people are a part of 'the American dream,'" Jay-Z says on the mixtape. "The message is for a kid in Marcy Projects right now to say, 'Maybe I can be the president.' For a part, we were left out of the American dream at a certain point. ... Now the dream is that you can be anything. ... That's more important than anything - the hope of that."

And Jay-Z, who campaigned heavily for Obama and will be a part of the inauguration celebrations, may be the first major rapper to address the shifting concerns of hip-hop head-on, though that is still up in the air as he continues work on his new album, "The Blueprint, Vol. 3." On one of the new album's tracks, "Jockin' Jay-Z," he rhymes, "-- talkin' 'bout the recession, it's just depressin'/I rock wit' Obama, but I ain't no politician." He then returns to talking about money and wealth, saying, "Haters, like, 'Hov, why you still talkin' money --?'/'Cuz I like money, --!"

The "Speak Truth To Power" Club Fails To Show Up @ Clinton's Hearings

Clinton received a "Friendly hearing" - says all that is needed to be said.

While credit must be given to the Pacifica Network for having no "Permanent Friends" when it comes to their fight against imperialism - a strange silence from left wing forces was heard as it relates to several key issues that threaten to compromise the integrity of our new Secretary Of State.

The disposition of the Progressive for the last 8 years was that they were the "integrity checkers" of our nation. The fact that tough questions were not being asked was a sign that their nation needed to be "taken back".

As I monitored MSNBC all week long in regards to their coverage and cheerleading in regards to the senate testimony of several cabinet members it became clear to me that there are two types of progressives.

The "Democratic Progressives" - MSNBC, etc
The "A-partisan Progressive" - Pacifica Network.

Don't get me wrong Pacifica would much rather have a Democratic regime in place than a Republican one. At the same time they are far more likely to take a Democrat to task than an embedded Democratic propagandist network is inclined to do.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Obama's "Get Over It" Comment Pisses Off CBC Members Who Supported Clinton

Sparks Fly in Congressional  Democrat Black Caucus Meeting (June 2008)

Most of the meeting was cordial, and after a presentation by Obama's pollster, many members of the CBC had nothing but pleasant exchanges with the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

But not everyone.

Sources at the meeting said that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, a Clinton supporter, expressed the desire that Obama and his campaign would reach out the millions of women still aggrieved about what happened in the campaign and still disappointed that Clinton lost.

Obama agreed that a lot of work needs to be done to heal the Democratic Party, and that he hoped the Clinton supporters in the room would help as much as possible.
A Thursday afternoon meeting between Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus grew tense and emotional for a moment -- perhaps illustrating that weeks after Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., suspended her presidential campaign, some nerves remain frayed.

According to Rep. Yvette Clarke, D-N.Y., Obama then said, "However, I need to make a decision in the next few months as to how I manage that since I'm running against John McCain, which takes a lot of time. If women take a moment to realize that on every issue important to women, John McCain is not in their corner, that would help them get over it."

Rep. Diane Watson, D-Calif., a longtime Clinton supporter, did not like those last three words -- "Get over it." She found them dismissive, off-putting.

"Don't use that terminology," Watson told Obama.

Clarke did not react the same way.

"I, personally, as a Hillary supporter, did not take that as something distasteful," Clarke said. "Nothing like that."

But, Clarke said, Watson "latched on to those three words."

In Clarke's view, Watson thought Obama had just told her to "get over it." She didn't appreciate that, and she told him so and emphasized that it was a heated campaign and lot of healing remains to be done.

"I agree," Obama said. "There's healing on both sides."

According to the sources, Obama suggested he bit his tongue every time. He could be asking for an apology, he could be asking for the Clintons to reconcile with him, but he chose to rise above it.

Everyone involved agreed that most of the meeting was cordial, and that there is unanimity on the need to work hard to elect Obama.

But clearly tensions remain.

Clinton and Obama are scheduled to put on a good public show for the cameras next week, regardless of any beneath-the-surface Sturm and Drang. The former competitors will campaign together and appear at a fundraiser in Washington at the end of next week.

Wow "on every issue important to women, John McCain is not in their corner"

What are these "IMPORTANT ISSUES" that can be boiled down to "Every Issue"?

Does anyone get a since of ideoligcal supremacy? 

If someone dared make note of a list that is important to "every single American" and claimed that they had the exclusive ownership of this - would that bother you?

Of course - except - where one group might seek to deny air, water, food from another group of humans- can you think of a list of issues that one group has a leg up on another?

Government Officials Who Exit Goverment And Use Their Power And Influence To Make Millions - After Obama

Attorney General Nominee Eric Holder Great Personal Wealth

WASHINGTON - Eric Holder, President-elect Barack Obama's choice for attorney general, will earn $4.6 million from his law firm this year and next, including deferred compensation and a separation payment.

In a financial statement provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee and made public Wednesday, Holder said he will earn $2.1 million in partnership compensation this year from the law firm of Covington & Burling. He will receive another $2.5 million next year in deferred compensation, partnership earnings for work performed this year and a separation payment.

Holder's total assets are $5.7 million. He listed no liabilities.

He has $1.4 million in cash and in banks, $1.9 million in real estate and $1.3 million in pension-and-retirement savings plans.

Let me be 100% clear: I AIN'T MAD AT HIM

Besides - this blog AIN'T ABOUT OBAMA

All that I am asking for is CONSISTENCY in your most heart felt positions that you so doggedly state.

When it is seen that your positions are only applied to your ideological enemies then you go far in undercutting your own credibility.

After listening to various MSNBC commentators on their night time line up attacking the flood of Republicans who are about to exit the government and get big paychecks by using their power and influence in the private sector being exposed and is only "fair and balanced" to point out their silence on examples when people they find more appealing who did the same.

The National Budget - After Obama

The strategy of "Well why weren't you conservatives complaining about spending under Bush?" is not going to save us from the consequences of a national debt that will be at least $16 trillion after 4 years of block buster spending.  (Sorry - "Investments).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

When Will Obama Register His First Veto?

Recall when "Evil Bush" had a favorable balance in congress?
He was attacked for failing to register a VETO well into his presidency. 

It took a Democratic Congress for him to cast his first veto.

Question :  Will President Barack Obama who will have a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate cast a veto in the first 2 years of his presidency?  

Most improtantly since this blog is NOT about "Obama" but instead YOU ALL ......will you all ATTACK Obama in the same way for failing to cast a veto just as you did evil Bush?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brazile and Rove Agree - "Obama Reduce The Expectations" By Reducing The Hype

Karl Rove And Donna Brazile Agree - Obama Redirect The Expecations Of Your Base 

Two of the nation’s best-known political strategists — one Democrat, one Republican — agreed Monday night that President-elect Barack Obama should spend the next week trying to lower expectations about his highly anticipated presidency.

Democratic strategist Donna Brazile and GOP guru Karl Rove doled out advice, dissected the 2008 election, pontificated about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s future and traded jokes at the annual dinner for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce at the World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta.

“Campaigning is one thing,” Brazile said. “You lay out your vision. Governing is a whole different thing. What he [Obama] must do for the next eight days is to manage expectations.”

“Right now expectations are off the chart,” she added.

Rove said some of those soaring expectations have been created by Obama himself. He said the president-elect has made a moving target out of the price tag for his economic stimulus plan. And the number of jobs the plan will create or save has moved from about 2 million to as high as 4 million.

“Some of that is of his own creation,” Rove told the 1,500 business and political leaders at the dinner.

Brazile and Rove are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but off-stage are friends. The two were sharing a flight to London and then on to Africa after Monday’s appearance.

And their off-the-campaign-trail schtick is profitable. The two were paid $20,000 each for their hourlong chamber dinner appearance.

In my view the kissing cousin of the conservative who likes to make use of polarizing rehetoric in which some target of their angst is blaimed for all of the problems and thus used as a negative reference - is when the progressives do the very same thing.

With this in mind President Barack Obama has a difficult decision to make.  He is going to either placate his leftwing base by doing what he did in the primary - effectly saying "Well at least I didn't agree to invade Iraq......." when his opponent was gaining some traction upon him.  Or he is going to work to force his base to focus on what they need to do to be concious of their PRESENT and to focus on what they need to be doing so that their FUTURE under his leadership will be different.

The first major step on this road is to get people to deflate the hype balloon that swept him into office.   

Where as anger at George W. Bush might win his opponents an election - it certainly will not put food on the table 2, 3 or 6 years after the man has departed the White House and the grounds have been fumigated.

For me - this is a time at which I will be most observant of the character of the Progressive movement.  Unlike any other time in the past - they control the entire deck after their adversaries have imploded from their own hubris.  

The key difference between these two groups in my mind is that one of these two groups is seen as the establishment while the other is seen as the change agent AGAINST the establishment......even when they ARE the establishment.  Thus the poor, working class and unionized forces are not going to blame them even when they have the keys to the kingdom.

Who Is Barack Obama? Find Out On YouTube

This guy likes Jesse and Al.
You can't accuse him of being a "Black Conservative" in the political sense.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Al Qaeda's Zawahiri Is Not An Obama Supporter

Al Qaeda No. 2 Blasts Obama Over Gaza - In Record Time

Osama Bin Laden’s top thug on Tuesday blamed President-elect Barack Obama for Israel’s ground offensive in Gaza.

“These raids are Obama’s gift to you before he takes office,” Ayman al-Zawahiri said in a taped 10-minute speech to Muslims.

“This is Obama whom the American machine of lies tried to portray as the rescuer who will change the policy of America,” Zawahiri says in the tape, according to a SITE Intelligence Group translation. “He kills [Palestinian] brothers and sisters in Gaza mercilessly and without affection.”

Apparently Zawahiri hadn’t heard Obama hasn’t even been sworn in yet, or assumed he exercised power once elected.

The tape released to jihadist Web sites by Al Qaeda’s propaganda wing As-Sahab was also extraordinary because of how fast Zawahiri was able to produce it. The Egyptian doctor-turned-terrorist - who top U.S. spies suspect has the protection of rogue Pakistani government officials - appears to refer to Israel’s Gaza invasion that began only three days earlier, on January 3.

“These days, the Israeli raids continue on Gaza. They kill and injure hundreds,” he says in the new tape.

Previously, the fastest Zawahiri ever commented on a news event was seven days later, such as his taped tirade against the Pakistani government’s siege of the Red Mosque in July 2007 and its humiliation of one of the revolt’s leaders who was caught on camera trying to escape dressed in a burka. Zawahiri’s ability to monitor breaking news and quickly distribute his rants in response should leave fresh doubts that the man with a $25 million bounty on his head is really on the run.

“I swear by Allah the Great … neither America nor those who live in America will dream of security until we live it on the ground in Palestine,” Zawahiri pledged yesterday.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Obama Becomes A Cartoon Caracter, Assists Spider Man

And I thought that I had seen it all folks.

In truth I prefer having people operate in the fairytale world that they have crafted with their expert propaganda. I am not sure they are going to be able to deal with reality when it hits them.

Let's just HOPE that none of them jump off of any buildings because they assume they can fly after being duly motivated by Obama.

Obama, Spider-Man on the same comic-book page

Presidents have been supporting characters in comics before: During World War II, superheroes fought Hitler as FranklinD. Roosevelt cheered them on. John F. Kennedy appeared in Action Comics #309 in 1963, when he helped protect Clark Kent's secret identity.

Anyone see a marketing and propaganda pattern here?

The Bush Tax Cuts After Obama

Obama says stimulus proposal could grow
President-elect suggests he won't seek quick repeal of Bush tax cuts

President-elect Barack Obama confirmed to CNBC Thursday that he plans to lay out a roughly $775 billion economic stimulus plan but indicated that the amount could grow once it gets taken up by Congress.

"We've seen ranges from $800 (billion) to $1.3 trillion," he said in an exclusive interview with CNBC's chief Washington correspondent John Harwood. "And our attitude was that given the legislative process, if we start towards the low end of that, we'll see how it develops."

indicated that he may not seek a quick repeal of President George W. Bush's tax cuts for people making over $250,000 and will let them expire in 2010.

Campaign Rhetoric - meet the Pragmatism that is forced upon an individual when he is in power and accountable to something.

Monday, January 5, 2009

MSNBC - Able To Spin "Inexperience" Into A Good Thing

Obama's intel picks short on direct experience

Decision could signal intention for a clean break with past policies
Leave it up to the channel of Keith Olbermann to put a pretty face on this one. With so much ranting about "experience and competence" rather than political expedience for important security posts - this seems to fly in the face of reason.

I do not hate Leon Panetta. Over the past several decades he has been a very good political operative. But that is just it - he is a political operative.

The MSNBC article laments that his only formal intelligence experience is back during his days in the military.

I Should Have Shut Up And Made Money Off Of The Obama Trinket Marketing Machine

There comes a point in time when an individual has to admit that he was wrong. I believe that I have reached this point with respect to the massive trinket marketing effort surrounding soon to be President Obama.

What I had previously viewed as an obsurd linkage between "the political realities" of a President and the "American Idol" type marketing effort which within the entertainment and personality space - I now see that these two points are intractably joined.

Instead of hating on the people who are marketing these items I need to instead see that they are simply FULFILLING CONSUMER DEMAND for these trinkets.  They are also making money all the while.  

I am at fault.

I should have decoupled my scrutiny and sensibilities from my observations and instead should have stepped in as a SUPPLIER - making money while making people happy.  This ultimately would have lead to my own happiness since I would have profited from delivering such as service.

The picture above is a snapshot of an SUV that I saw parked in a parking lot around town.  This person makes signs and was advertising his array of goods that are available for purchase.  Yesterday's "Noni Juice", "Pre-Paid Legal" and "Clean Up Your Credit - Ask Me How" is today's "Obama Posters Banners T-Shirts and Mugs".

Obama said that he would create 3 million jobs.  

I need to stop looking at how the sausage is being made and instead consider the finished product.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Abundant Propaganda and Idolitry.....And A Money Making Opportunity

I have to admit my error in judgment.

Instead of looking at the various propagandists and questioning their logic.....I should have printed up a bunch of trinkets and SOLD THEM at $5 or $10 a pop as this store owner attempted to get out of my pockets.

In my casual review - Obama T-shirts are still #1. Lil Wayne is working to resume his #1 position that he had prior to the election.