Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nancy Pelosi: Obama's "Dick Cheney"?

Personal analysis - I don't like Pelosi's agenda so the fact that she and Obama are tied at the hip makes it clear my views of him.  Add this to the long list of rogues that he finds favor in.

Cooperation with Pelosi pivotal to Obama

In the 10 months since then, Pelosi has successfully done what she's needed to do to push Obama's agenda through the House -- so much so, that some have asserted she's more effective than the president.
"I think she is a very effective speaker. She can deliver votes. Since 2006, since the Democrats took over, she's consistently been able to unite the Democratic caucus," said Julian Zelizer, a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University.
Last month, Pelosi cut deals in order to get the Democrats' health care bill passed in the House. She was hands-on in the negotiations, agreeing to a less-robust public option than she originally wanted and allowing a vote on an amendment banning most abortion coverage from the public option. She's also played a key role in getting some of Obama's other priorities through her chamber, including the stimulus bill and the budget.
"Thus far, President Obama -- I think the jury is still out. He doesn't have a huge legislative record, we're still waiting to see what happens with health care. But [Pelosi's] delivered the votes already," Zelizer said.
Pelosi has a longer resume than the president, but it doesn't mean she carries more weight, Zelizer said.
"I don't think she is more powerful than the president; I think she's just been thus far able to deliver the votes that she's responsible for affecting," he said.

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