Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Leftist / Anti-Capitalists Revolt Against Obama In The USA and South America

Most of you have heard about the revolt by the leftists in the Congressional Black Caucus, joint with their Racial "Unattached" Black Leftists in criticizing President Obama for 'not doing enough for Black people".

What you have not likely heard is about the ALBA Conference in South America.  All of the leftist leaders in South America recently gathered together.  They attacked capitalism and imperialism.  Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez accused America lead by Barack Obama of seeking to topple left wing leaders on the continent and used the dilemma  in Honduras as proof that the United States is the hidden hand in supporting Right-wing attacks again them.

The audience was packed with hundreds of Cuban medical students who had received free education and were disbursed throughout the region to provide medical care to the masses.

Fedel Castro Says USA On Offensive In South America

Raul Castro Hails Advancements In Bolovarian Alliance

Some people are prone to say "What are they talking about?  This is Barack Obama.  He is a leftist as well.  The US Congress is lead by leftists.  The SA region has less to worry about now more than ever.".

Instead we need to look at this from the standpoint that these leftists.  They need a "boogie man" and the United States makes a good one, regardless of who is in power.  These rants should chip away at their credibility.

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