Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Left: Obama Just Like Bush (Yeah Right)

Some people reading the frustration from the left on various subjects might be inclined to believe that the left actually is speaking with conviction regarding their equation of Obama to Bush.

Don't believe it for a second. This is merely anger.  
Their dreams of "Hope and Change" has been smashed by reality.
It was not OBAMA who lied to them.  Obama is now in the seat of power and has to deal with harsh realities.
They remain disconnected and in as much as their theories are abstract as to what one man can actually do - they are disappointed.

I am thankful that it is so difficult to execute radical policy changes through the legislative and executive process.  It keeps our ship steady.

Yet even though the Democrats control the US House, the US Senate and the Presidency - the blame for the obstructionism goes to the Republicans.   This Health Care Bill was passed thus far with only one GOP Representative voting in the affirmative. 

I will measure the credulity of the left wing comments against Obama by how much they work to unseat him.
Today the very same procedures that they attacked Bush about are being executed but the sustained attacks from the left is what has diminished:

The truth is that the LEFT set all of this up as they PLAYED THEMSELVES for the sake of getting their favored people into power back in Nov 2008.

Sadly - despite them now having the run of things - they are inclined to still attack the conservative minority rather than performing "Introspection Surgery" on their own.

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