Friday, October 30, 2009

Obama Pays Tribute To The Dead At Dover Air Force Base

AJC's Jay Bookman: President pays respects to America’s fallen

Take a listen to the Al Jezeera report above.
They tell you "that" the media review of the return of dead soldiers from the battlefield has declined since Obama has been in office. They fail to tell you WHY.

They mention that in the past the pictures of the flag draped coffins had been banned. They don't give you context. At the start of the two wars - the anti-war activists made use of these pictures as a means of embarrassing Bush. This was the evidence of the BLOOD THAT BUSH HAD ON HIS HANDS.

I told you previously that Obama lifting of the ban would have no impact upon him. Not that the coffins stopped coming home. The MOTIVATION of the media has changed. They have no interest in "embarrassing Barack Obama", thus hurting his presidency and, perish the thought - putting a Republican War Hawk back into office.

So what about the right wing? Why shouldn't they exploit pictures of dead soldiers? This is a leftwing focus - that's why. The right is not inclined to attack the US military. Thus in this case, as with so many other points, the attacks upon a liberal president from the right takes a different form than how the left attacks a right wing president.

(Editor's note: The web site "Why We Hate Bush" is now off line)

We are not going to see a "Barack Obama - Dead American Soliders Picture"

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