Sunday, August 9, 2009

The "Good War That The Left Supported" May Cost More Than The "Evil Bush War"

Decade-long presence could be more expensive than Iraq, analysts say

Costly U.S. campaign expected in Afghanistan


The other day while I was driving I saw a car that had 2 bumper stickers. First was the one that said "Endless War/End This War" . Right below this was an "Obama/Biden 2008" sticker.

I laugh as I hear people argue that the "Tea Party Protests" are RACIST in that these "White Protesters" did not see fit to protest against Bush's war spending. Yet the irony is lost on these same people in that we still have 2 wars going on as their favored president is the Commander In Chief. Yet they are not protesting against the continued wars.

The release of this report predicting the long term costs of the war in Afghanistan exceeding the spending in Iraq severely undercuts a key talking point made by the Anti-Bush left in this country. Where as they continue to attack Bush for his spending and the contribution to the debt, the truth is that the Federal Democrats that are now in control of our government are doing the normal Democrat big government spending domestically AND are continuing the spending on the wars.

We should all be reminded that the most resent war spending authorization started off as an $80 billion supplemental spending request from the Obama Pentagon. It made it though one house of congress as a $92 billion program. Then it was passed by the other house and then signed by Obama as a $106 billion spending package.

I must also be forthcoming and make note that "turnabout is fair play". This time the Republicans that had long said that a "vote against the war funding package is a vote against our troops".........voted in large numbers AGAINST this war funding package! The irony of all ironies.

Some of you had better wake up. It is BOTH of these parties that threaten to take this entire nation over the financial brink. They depend upon you cheering for "your side" and not asking many questions. At the end of it all it is the federal debt that increases and all you have is a crappy t-shirt - that you purchased.

As the fighting in Afghanistan increases, the body count increases, the costs increase - I struggle to understand how those who say "War Is Not The Answer" will continue to allow their ideological bigotry and their favoring of THIS president cause them to stay at home and be silent.

It would be interesting to see two seperate protests blocks away from each other:

* The Tea Party People Protesting Against Taxes and Nationalization

* The Anti-War Movement having recommitted to their calling - Protesting the Wars In Afghanistan and Iraq

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