Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Obama Urban Marketing Syndicate - In The Club

Obama - In Da Club.

Once a political figure makes it onto the t-shirts, caps, jewlery and now - the background images that various Black folks can choose from as they take a picture as a club - WE ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE AS A COMMUNITY!!!

Now ask them to talk about the top 3 policy issues on the table with Barack Obama and why they support them.


Ryan said...

Are you that fucking stupid?

Ask any rural Republican when Bush first ran what were his top 3 policy issues on the table when the voted for him, besides being a "cowboy". They voted for him because they identified with him. Plain and simple.

But that's a scary thing when it's black "folks".
Why don't you quite the charade and say niggers like you want to you fucking piece of shit.

Fuck off and die you useless waste of flesh.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, CF,

You seem to be gathering an interesting fan club. The blog is outstanding.

We both know that the battle against the entrenched Left will be long and dirty. I hope you and I can keep up the good fight.


Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Why don't you quite the charade and say niggers like you want to you fucking piece of shit.[/quote]

I think he was saying:

"Why don't you quit the charade and say "Niggers like you want......"(?)

You fucking piece of shit.

No harm Ryan. I have my share of typos when I type on the run between my other duties.

No offense taken on your "ability to use English".

Your 'intelligence'?
Well that's another story.

Let me ask you - just because you found some White folks who like Bush does this pacify you in knowing that there are Black people who are diehard Obama fans yet STILL are grieved about their schools, the safety of their communities and their employment situation - despite having the machine that Obama sits atop of dominating all aspects of their local institutions?