Saturday, July 18, 2009

Obama Magazine Report Episode IV - Opps Lost One

President Obama has had a mixed month on the magazine front. Not only has Michael Jackson knocked him off of some of the entertainment and "soft-news" of his ardent supporters has "flipped" upon him - at least for one issue.

As you see Jezebel has a Michell Obama puff piece. (Why do I need to purchase this when I can go to Jack & Jill Politics or Black Snob and get this for free?)
Of course Essence - has "Michael Obama's Work Out Plan" (printed across the top).

But Harper's !!!!!
Did they allow the conservatives to take over this month's edition while the liberals went on "holiday"? What gives?

First they have an article entitled "Barack Hoover Obama" - in reference to the "Great Depression Era - REPUBLICAN President". Come on now. Obama is pegged as the next "FDR", not Hoover. What is Harpers doing? They always did like to rabblerouse.

Then they presented a piece entitled "Yes We Can Still Torture". The nerve of them!!!
But then again - Its all Obama's fault. Had he just went along and released the "torture pictures" just as his lefty buddies had wanted - they would not have attacked - I am sure.

But Obama has an opportunity to reclaim himself. If he allows his Attorney General to go after Dick Cheney for his plan to TORTURE Al Queda - GET THIS - by KILLING THEM.........Obama may get back into the good graces of Harpers. Cheney failed to tell congress after all.

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